By Syed M. Aslam
Mar 01 - 07, 2003




(Slogan chanted by thousands of French lawyers and judges in front of the Parliament and local legislatures to vent anger at the approval of anti-crime package that they said would mean "the death of presumption of innocence")

*** "ISRAEL IS a terrorist country. It is a rogue country... because they kill the Palestinians. This is state terrorism and we condemn state terrorism."

(Senior Palestinian official Farouk Kaddoumi calling Israel a 'rogue country' at a news conference during his Islamabad visit)

*** "Euro 170,000"

(Fine slapped by Helsinki police on the heir of sausage empire, 27-year-old Jussi Salonoja, for driving double the legal 40 km/hr speed. Finnish law links traffic fines to violators' income)

*** "HIS WORDS are coated in sugar but in reality they are poisonous in nature. To me there is no difference between the BJP, Vishwa Hindu Parishad or Bajrang Dal. They are all alike and work for the RSS."

(Chief of India's LJP party Ram Vilas Paswan terming Prime Minister Vajpayee, a 'mere mask' of militant Hindu nationalist party RSS. Paswan, who worked under Vajpayee as a cabinet minister for nearly two-and-a-half years, also said that PM's BJP party and other parties of the ruling alliance work for the RSS.

*** "I AM a person that writes history and creates new chapters in history."



(Incumbent Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian asked "if he could lose" March 20 election)

*** "PEOPLE WILL remember you after you are gone not for your money or your power, but because of what you have left behind."

(Head of Reliance Group empire of India, Mukesh Ambani, showing his determination to keep his conglomerate growing. With revenues of $ 16.8 billion last year Reliance accounted for 3.5 per cent of India's GDP)

*** "CHRIST WAS much more radical than me. He was really radical. No, I'm a mild dove next to Christ."

(Populist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warning his opponents of a clampdown for inciting violence to topple him by force)

*** "THE INTERNATIONAL community should slap sanctions on Israel just like it did on South Africa. This is the only way to compel Israel to come to its senses and end the occupation. All other talk is hypocrisy, sheer nonsense."

(Leading Palestinian activist in Qatar, Mustapha Al Barghouti, saying that only apartheid-era curbs can compel Israel to end its occupation of Palestine)

*** "AN IMMORAL WAR was thus waged and the world is a great deal less safe place than before."

(South African Archbishop and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu asking the US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to apologise for waging "an immoral war" in Iraq on flimsy security concerns which has made world more unsafe)

*** "AND ALL those idiots better not believe we're wasting our time, because we really work at our job. This country will never give up."

(Revolutionary Cuban President Fidel Castro accusing US President George Bush of plotting to assassinate him and critcising the Miami-based "Cuban-American mafia" warning it that his country will go down fighting if US tries to invade it)

*** "THE MAIN reason for the strike is the Supreme Court order banning strikes, but we are also protesting against the privatisation and disinvestment of public sector companies."

(Representative of the Association of Indian Bank Employees, Milind Nadkarni, defending nationwide strike of millions of government, financial and industrial workers as a against a court ruling against strike)

*** "TWO PLUS two is not always four. It is not always about numbers. Every thing boils down to whether or not the parties carry the people's support."

(Chief Minister of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu, expressing confidence that people would vote him back to power to continue his development agenda that includes "developing the state like Singapore")