By Syed M. Aslam
Feb 23 - 29, 2003



*** "WHAT APPLIES globally applies regionally ... You can't ask Libya and Iran to give up all their nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, yet let Israel keep what it has ... Israel is completely out of the game right now. The challenge is to bring it in."

(Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed El Baradei, saying that nuke modernisation programme by the US and the non-transparent nuclear programme of Israel are the major causes undermining non-proliferation)

*** "I WANT the American people to know that I, too, want to know the facts."

(US President George W. Bush saying that it was important to know all the facts surrounding White House to justify invasion of Iraq on yet-to-found illicit weapons. He, however, sidestepped demands for outside review of pre-war intelligence in Iraq)

*** "WE HAVE long ago crossed the boundary of fighting for a just cause, and now we find ourselves fighting to oppress other people. We shall no longer cross this line."

(Concluding part of a letter written by 13 Israeli troops, including 3 members of elite commando unit, to prime minister Ariel Sharon saying that they could no longer serve in the Palestinian territory to oppress the Palestinian people)

*** "THEY CAN GEAR up their attack machine, but I'll tell you what: They can't escape the truth. November is coming, George W. Bush is going."

(Democratic front-runner John Kerry accusing President George of resorting to "smear and fear" after easily winning primaries in Nevada and Washington DC. The two wins gave Kerry in 14 of first 16 contests in the race to find a Democratic challenger to Bush)

*** "THE FACT that we moved our troops into Afghanistan was a political mistake ... An attempt top force and extraneous social model on a country that has deep traditions of its own is always doomed to fail."



(Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledging the 1989 invasion and ten-year occupation of Afghanistan as a mistake on the eve of the 15th anniversary of Soviet withdrawal)

*** "THE INVESTIGATIONS in Pakistan are an internal matter. The buck stops here in Pakistan. It wouldn't be debated elsewhere."

(Foreign ministry spokesman Masood Khan rejecting Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha's demand for debating Islamabad's probe into nuclear leaks International Atomic Energy Agency)

*** "DON'T PUT floor wax if you can't clean it properly."

(Philippines President Gloria Arroyo rebuking members of her elite security after closely missing a fall on a over-waxed floor of an improvised stage where she held a press conference)

*** "I'M TOO OLD to have regrets. No, I don't regret it."

(US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld saying he does not regret having referred to France and Germany in 2002 as "old Europe")

*** "$ 1.3 billion"

(Revenue earned by Saudi Arabia from spending including accommodation and airfares by over 1.4 million pilgrims during this year's Haj)

*** "54"

(Percentage of Britons who think that Prime Minister lied to the nation about the threat from Iraq in a new poll conducted recently)

*** "THEY TWIST REALITY and destroy the Arab conscience. They deal with the Iraqi and the Palestinian question without taking a position while we are directly implicated in these issues ... We support the Iraqi resistance because, as (early 20th century German revolutionary) Rosa Luxembourg said, when oppression becomes law, resistance is a duty."

(Egyptian actor Sawi, who plays the role of an American soldier in a Cairo play mocking US occupation of Iraq, accusing "all the Arab television stations" of supporting the occupation indirectly adding that the hit play aims to show that the real aim of war is not to establish democracy but to control oil wealth of the Iraq and the Arab world)

*** "AND ALL those idiots better not believe we're wasting our time, because we really work at our job. This country will never give up."

(Revolutionary Cuban President Fidel Castro accusing US President George Bush of plotting to assassinate him and critcising the Miami-based "Cuban-American mafia" warning it that his country will go down fighting if US tries to invade it)