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Feb 16 - 22, 2004



Ever heard of Qingqi Revolution on Road? Well, now you have. This productive company is busy producing state-of-the-art transportation solutions. Qingqi stands behind all of the much talked two-wheeled stuff that's been coming out of local market lately, prompting the established a wise man fraternity to wonder where it's all going to end. Before you rule Qingqi out as just another sophisticated motorbike producers, the products of the company is a reflection of youth and enthusiasm. Qingqi's latest creations time and after, have left many a journo a bit perplexed to say the least. What an innovation!

Qingqi Motorcycle is the landmark product by Saigols Qingqi Motors Limited, a joint venture of China Qingqi Group and Pakistan Saigols Group. The company is committed to provide efficient and economical transport. It has sloganised the company as the distinctive in the availability of cost-effective motor industry.

"Qingqi is very much concerned to provide transportation solutions. We are committed to provide better and easy mode of transportation to middle class who are not able to buy other products of the same nature because of prices they can not afford," said, Mr. Li Shu, Managing Director, Saigols Qingqi Motors Limited.

Saigols Qingqi Motors first launched a 2-stroke, 100cc motorcycle anticipating its tremendous success and popularity throughout the country, Saigols Qingqi Motors introduced a new idea in commercial transport vehicles by launching a perfectly engineered 3-wheeler motorcycle rickshaw, which is a tested product in China. The big idea was replace 'tonga' as per the official policy.

This 3-wheeler-motorcycle rickshaw has become one of the most successful and popular means of transportation for short distances in the central cities and towns of the country.

"By introducing this rickshaw Saigols Qingqi Motors has also provided a large number of employment opportunities. Regarding performance of the rickshaw we are getting a very positive response from users and owners. They are satisfied and we are satisfied, too," Mr. Shu said.

According to a private survey, the demand for Qingqi rickshaw is increasing and a lot many unemployed have been considering it a good way to make their living.

Qingqi has introduced the country's first 4-stroke 100cc motorbike. It is yet another Qingqi's state-of-the-art product. A real marvel of automobile engineering and aesthetics is in Pakistan to stay and make lasting impression and to capture the market. .

The bike is a powerful machine, low on fuel and good in looks. It is without any doubt is the most suitable bike for the transportation according to urban requirements.

"There are unlimited chances and numberless opportunities to share the export business with Saigol Qingqi Motors Limited," Mr. Shu said.

Saigol Qingqi Motors Limited has received a tremendous positive repose from the consumers for its products and services.

"The company is ardently committed to contribute in the economical uplift of the country and will continue to do so and a major player in strengthening Sino-Pak relations," Mr. Shu said.