By Syed M. Aslam
Feb 16 - 22, 2003



*** "THE DILEMMA is: he's a great man, he's a hero, and he's a hero of every individual in the street ... One must understand the reality. There's an international perception. There's a domestic perception."

(President Pervez Musharraf defending pardoning of Pakistan's top nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan)

*** "I PROBABLY won't run for anything again, so I can tell the truth now."

(Retired Senate Majority leader and US presidential hopeful in 1980, 1988 and 1996, Bob Dole, on writing a "grow-in-America-type" tell-all book)

*** "$ 12,750"

(Fine paid by American Airlines pilot Dale Hersh for raising his middle finger while being fingerprinted and photographed during a tit-for-tat security check in Sao Paulo, Brazil on US citizens as reciprocation on new checks imposed on foreigners arriving in the US)

*** "THE JUDICIAL BRANCH of the government, which laid down supinely at the feet of the executive a few months or a few years, now appears to have come to its senses."

(Professor of criminal justice and director of the law school at Britain's University of Leeds, Clive Walker, hailing a series of court rulings in the UK and the US that authorities could not imprison people indefinitely without charge on suspicion on terrorist activities)

*** "THIS IS NOTHING but a mean and groundless propaganda... a sheer lie that the DPRK does not bat an eyelid even a bit."

(North Korean foreign office spokesman rejecting Pakistan's top nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan's confessing that he passed atomic technology to his country calling it a lie cooked up by the United States. Iran and Libya have also rejected the charges)

*** "IF YOU are a Christian, raise your hand. If you are not, you're crazy."



(American Airlines pilot asking the passengers to raise their hands to identify themselves as Christian suggesting that non-Christian travelers on his flight were 'crazy'. The Airlines initiated an internal investigation but did not reveal the name of the pilot who it said was 'on a missionary trip')

*** "THIS IS an ethnic technology, which has tremendous medicinal as well as commercial scope."

(Ravi, an advisor to chief minister of Indian state of Kerala, commenting on the revival of ancient art of weaving of herbs, leaves, fruits and roots into sari, the basic attire of most Indian women, fabric instead of chemical dyes. The herbal fabric will help prevent diseases to promote good health)

*** "GEORGE BUSH, who speaks of strength, has made America weaker weaker economically, weaker in our health care, weaker in education."

(Democratic presidential front-runner, John Kerry, addressing a victory rally after winning primaries in South that knocked rival Wesley Clark out of the race putting his nomination within reach)

*** "IT IS REMARKABLE how he has given the benefit of judgement to virtually everyone in the government and to no one at the BBC ... there are points of law in there where he is quite clearly wrong."

(Former director general of BBC Greg Dyke slamming the judge Lord Brian Hutton's report, and the judicial inquiry, for severely criticising the public broadcaster while absolving the government of any blame in the suicide of British arms expert David Kelly. He also rejected the Hutton's report a day after he resigned)

*** "WITH THIS slogan, we will sweep the polls."

(Former chief minister of Indian state of UP, Kalyan Singh, who rejoined the ruling BJP party describing his "three-point" formula names Atal, the first name of Prime Minister Vajpayee, the government's name and the name of Hindu deity Ram to win the upcoming elections)

*** "$ 1.3 billion"

(Revenue earned by Saudi Arabia from spending including accommodation and airfares by over 1.4 million pilgrims during this year's Haj)

*** "SUCH A BAN would bring the French state in collision with international human rights standards on freedom of religion."

(International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, the global rights watchdog, expressing concerns over the French law to ban headscarves, primarily worn by Muslim students, from schools)