"NCR Pakistan awarded the status of Europe, Middle East & Africa Center of Expertise (CoE) in the area of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and CRM."
"Outstanding and great news for Pakistan"


Syed Veqar ul Islam, 
General Manager, NCR

Feb 02 - 15, 2004





"I am pleased to inform you that NCR Pakistan has been officially awarded the status of Regional Center of Expertise for Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and CRM for NCR Europe, Middle East & Africa Region," said Syed Veqar ul Islam in an exclusive interview with Shamim Rizvi of Pakistan & Gulf Economist.

Two years ago NCR Pakistan was awarded this status for the Middle East region whereby the resources and expertise from NCR Pakistan were being used for project design, scoping and implementation. Effective November 2003, NCR Pakistan is now also awarded the status of Europe's CoE, thus enabling our resources and services in the space of Data Warehousing and CRM to be used in Europe as well. Due to this decision, NCR resources have already been deployed with big implementation in Sweden, U.K., Czech Republic and Finland with many names in the pipeline for future.

NCR is definitely the first major IT multinational, which has decided to make Pakistan a regional hub. This is a great success story for Pakistan and a tribute to the tremendous potential and talent honed to perfection within NCR. "We strongly believe that Pakistan, in general, and IT community in particular, should use this outstanding success story to project the image of Pakistan. NCR resources, with this huge exposure both in and outside Pakistan, are in a unique position to change the paradigm of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and establishing decision support systems in Pakistan, " he added.

In the last two years, the team of highly skilled and trained professionals from NCR Pakistan has successfully demonstrated their mettle in places like Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Due to immense talent, skill, commitment of NCR people, they have not only managed to complete all the huge and complex implementation in time, but earned tremendous goodwill from corporate and customers alike to broaden the scope of Pakistan's CoE.

A large part of this success can honestly be accredited to General Manager Syed Veqar ul Islam, who stands out as being one of the exceptional corporate leaders of our country. Taking bold initiatives, he has created a niche for Pakistan within NCR. "Pakistan has a lot of potential and the true potential needs to be focused and tapped as it resides in our people. Providing the right education and training at the right time is one way of bridging the gap between the supply and demand market forces that prevail worldwide. Our University Program is geared to take this challenge and make our people's skill set at par with the international market. We have already started seeing the difference as faculty and students have started taking on projects and research oriented papers, data mining techniques and trends, etc and decision making is based on factual data as opposed to intuition", he added.

Syed Veqar ul Islam talked about the various benefits of the university program. He also briefed about the Phase II of the University Program whereby all the nine campuses (NUCES (three campuses), LUMS, Mehran University, CIIT, IBA) have signed up for software upgrades, OLAP tool and Train the Trainer Program.

Amongst its great achievements bringing laurels to our country, NCR Corporation's professional services organization in Pakistan has become CMM Level III Certified along with qualification for a key process area at level 4. CMM is now regarded as the de facto standard for any organization engaged in providing professional services around the globe.



"The achievement is unique and truly establishes NCR as an organization par excellence in Pakistan. It also represents the reaching of another milestone for NCR in the country after having achieved the status of a Center of Expertise for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. I am delighted that NCR has set yet another benchmark in the industry, which will go a long way toward giving other companies the incentives to go for CMM certification," said Syed Veqar ul Islam.

He discussed the upcoming 5th NCR National IT Excellence Awards 2003 which will be held in March with great fanfare to announce the proud winners who have done exceptional work in 2003. "I am a great believer in recognition of the excellent work that people do as it acts as a motivator to keep trying to do one's best and the whole concept of the IT Excellence Awards is to recognize exceptional professionals", he added. His vision is to see the exponential growth, not only within the company but in the country as well, if dedicated, consistent and united efforts are made by all the key stakeholders in the country.