Jan 26 - Feb 01, 2004  
ISSUE # 04  

The single largest contribution of Modarabas is that they are playing a dynamic role in the process of Islamization of financial system in Pakistan. Their growing strength is exhibited by introduction of new products and improving profitability. They have the capacity to bring the change as an appropriate infrastructure is in place with more than twenty years of experience.





KESC has completely shifted its power generation system from oil to gas fired system which obviously is a milestone in our energy sector. This switching over has provided a cushion to the utility to overcome its losses, it was suffering since long. The factor of the furnace oil which was the main factor for generating expensive electricity is no more reason for expensive electricity especially in the franchised area of KESC. It is the time now that the consumers who are paying the price of the folly of the previous governments should be given some relief in electricity prices. Reduction in electricity price may reduce the profits of the utility or some portion of the government revenues but in return it will generate more economic activity besides giving relief to the common man.


The growing economic relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan are bound to produce positive results which are expected to culminate into a growing volume of trade to the tune of $1 billion in the end of the current financial year. Besides, growing bilateral trade, the government under a policy has reduced the number of items on the negative list which are also paying back economically. Pakistan plays a major role in trade transaction of the landlocked Afghanistan through its ports. In this respect the volume of business is likely to be multiplied with the start operations of the under construction Gwadar Port.