Jan 19 - 25, 2003



SYED IZHAR HUSSAIN JAFFERY, a person which is known person among the political, social and of course in power corridors in every government. Originally hails from Karachi, Jaffery has something hidden in his personality which helps him to come closer to the top brasses. In late 1960s, he was an active student leader and claims to be a close associate of Mairaj Mohammad Khan, Ali Mukhtar Rizvi, and Shahenshah Hussain all of them were the top ranking figures of the student's politics. He did his graduation from S.M. Science College.

When Z.A. Bhutto launched Pakistan Peoples Party after his dissociation from President Ayub Khan, Jaffery was in forefront of PPP and said to be the founder member of PPP. After Bhutto regime was over, he was active in Ziaul Haq regime, than in Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto.

Whether it is a Majlis of "Sham-e-Ghariban" or a "Mushaira, he can be seen in the front row paying his tributes to the zakir or poet in his peculiar style. He claims enjoying close acquaintances with top political leaders in the country.

PAGE: Having a deep association with student politics, as well as education circles. In the light of your experience do you think that educational standards especially in the province are satisfactory?

JAFFERY: It is unfortunate that the education environment in the province of Sindh and in Karachi in particular is degenerating sharply. It is sad to note that Sindh is lagging behind in the field of education as compared to other three provinces of the country. It is unfortunate that education is the victim of the political forces which used the students for political gains. Responsibility for this decline in education does not lie on the shoulders of the government alone, the parents, the educational organizations and the society as a whole were responsible for the decline in quality of education in the province of Sindh.

PAGE: You have always been prominent among the audience of "Majlis of Sham-e-Ghariban". People are watching you on television on every tenth of Muharram for last three decades. You are always seen giving a big hand to the speaker or orator on every occasion. Do you make all these gestures to attract attention of the people?

JAFFERY: Actually, I am a great lover of Imam Hussain (R.A.) and all my gestures are spontaneous coming out from the core of my heart. Although I am a great admirer of Allama Talib Jauhari, among all of the Zakirs. I have the greatest love and respect for Allama Rashid Turrabi who was really a great scholar with great love for humanity.

Allama Talib Jauhari is also equally good because he always maintains objectivity in his addresses and most of time takes lead of Holy Quran and Sunnah. There is a great social responsibility on the shoulders of these religious leaders and they can play a greater role in forging unity among different sects of the Muslim society.

PAGE: How do you see the role of the politicians in bringing harmony among the people of different walks of life? Did our leaders deliver the goods in bringing democratic, social, and economic justice in the country? Did they really serve the people and raise voice for the rights of the people?



JAFFERY: Having my long association with the politicians, I can say without having any second opinion that most of the politicians failed to deliver. I feel with a heavy heart that even the slogan of "Roti-Kapra aur Makan" was merely a political gimmick and was used to pull the crowd.

Getting these three essentials has always been a dream of the people of this country and the politicians raised such attractive slogans only for public consumptions. It is an irony that the genuine services of the people like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who served the country and the people, were never acknowledged. This gives a bad taste and feelings that ours' is a thankless society. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was being questioned in our country. Dr. Abdul Kalam, his counter part in India has been chosen as the President of that country, this differentiates the attitude of the two societies.

PAGE: Politics has become a business. It is a known fact that most of the people in the game of politics are for plots and permits. Since you have close acquaintances with all the top ranking people and high ups did you get some plots or permits?

JAFFERY: It is an interesting question. You are right that majority of the people do these things for personal gains. But you believe me that Z.A. Bhutto, Ziaul Haq and other leaders extended such offers on many occasion without asking for such favor but I never indulge in such practice as I am quite happy and satisfied with my small house of 120 sq. yard in Al-Noor Society of Federal B. Area. Unlike many people who have been shifted from shanty hutments of Liaquatabad, Golimar or Landhi to Posh areas of Clifton and Defence Housing Society, but you can see that I am living happily in my house built by my father who was a retired government officer. You may take undue advantage by misusing your contacts, but should also be prepared to pay the price of your peace of mind and on top of every thing the price of your inner respect.