Jan 12 - Jan 18, 2004  
ISSUE # 02  

Let's start with the words that formed the part of Finance Minister, then as well as now, Shaukat Aziz's Budget 2002-2003 speech: "Duties on import of vehicles are extremely high and thus there is no import... The sense of lack of competition tempts the local manufacturers to be costly and less quality conscious thus jeopardizing the legitimate interest of consumer."




Afghanistan, under a new and progressive constitution emphasizing more on liberal, market-oriented trade policies giving importance to the human values including women and human rights and plural society, the country has started attracting foreign investors. Taking advantage of the situation, the banking sector in Pakistan is expanding the branch network in Afghanistan.


The 12th JIBA International Convention was recently held at Karachi. During the three days a conference was also held and the theme was 'Prosperity Through Trade'. Besides a large number of local participants a large number of representatives from overseas chapters also attended the conference. The interaction of a large number of overseas visitors with local manufacturers and exporters is expected to improve the inflow of FDI to Pakistan and provide a boost to its exports.