Dec 29, 2003 - Jan 04, 2004  
ISSUE # 52  

The year 2003 has come to its age but with widespread fall out on all spheres of life specially the social, economic and political fronts. The recent agreement between the government and the opposition over the issue of LFO which culminated into a 7 point package of constitutional amendments may have far reaching effects on the political scenario of the country. The South Asian countries are attaching great expectations for some concrete and positive results of the Summit. One of the major achievements of the SAARC conference is likely to be the South Asia Free Trade Agreement which may have its own impact

on the entire region. There are also great hopes that the SAARC conference may also pay way for long lasting bilateral relations between India and Pakistan.





Paktel, one of the four mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan, expects the cellular market to post a phenomenal growth next year pushing the number of subscribers to 7 million compared to 3 million end this year. Paktel also expects to enhance its susbcribers' base from 300,000 presently to 2 million end next year being optimistic that the launching of GSM network in March next year would give it the needed push in a market where the growth would be lead by GSM.


The US-based companies has the distinction of being the largest group of single country investors in Pakistan. Most of these belong to Fortune 500 companies. They employ 20,000 people directly. Collectively they contribute a sizable amount to the national exchequer as direct and indirect taxes every year. American companies operating in Pakistan have diversified interest.