Dec 29 - Jan 04, 2003



Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali inaugurated gas supply to Sohbatpur, District Jaffarabad. Fulfilling his promise to the people, the Honourable Prime Minister has taken personal interest to ensure that the project is completed in the quickest possible time. With a Capital Cost of Rs.209 million, construction of the project has been made possible through the grant of Rs.91.179 million from the Prime Minister's Development Funds, while Rs.118 million was funded by Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC). The 74.5 km Sohbatpur Gas Supply Project consists of 49 km supply mains and a 25.5 km distribution network.



The supply of natural gas in the area will benefit 13 villages, about 4,000 households comprising more than 30,000 people. Availability of natural gas will create opportunities for employment with set up of downstream industries and commercial establishments. The project will also help bring about a change for the betterment of the socio-economic status of the people through provision of low cost fuel. In addition, the supply of natural gas will help substitute the use of coal and firewood leading to reduction in pollution and protection of the environment. But above all, use of natural gas will also help improve the health of people, especially rural women.


LG Electronics, the global consumer electronics giant, is to abolish the use of all hazardous substances and will ban the use of hazardous lead in all products by the end of 2004.In what's seen as a bold and progressive move, the digital leader is taking vigorous steps to preempt increasingly stiff environment legislation from the EU, the US, China and other nations.

"LGE's environment-friendly management strategies will employ radical steps such as prohibiting the use of hazardous substances in products by the end of 2004 and maintaining them below regulated levels. The company will also adopt the use of lead-free soldering in all products by the end of 2004," said S. S. Kim, CEO and Vice Chairman, LG Electronics.

Using EU guidelines, LG Electronics will also structure an EU-mandated system to collect and treat waste products improving the reuse rate, and also develop environment-friendly products and expand its green-purchase system.

"LG Electronics has adopted environmentally friendly practices for a number of years," said Mr. M. B. Shin, President, LG Electronics Middle East and Africa Operations. "But as a good corporate citizen, we cannot rest on our laurels".

"Developed nations such as those in Europe and the United States are employing advanced environmentally-friendly technologies and policies and it is our duty to stay on par if not ahead of current requirements."



LGE's environment-friendly management strategy will employ radical changes to current production systems. The company has brought on-line laboratories designed to analyse product components that are due to be banned by EU mandates by July 2006, such as +6 chrome, cadmium, and mercury.

Through lab analysis, LGE will develop alternative substances and operate a system to manage hazardous substances by the end of 2004 by implementing stricter product management criteria compared to EU directives.


The Marketing Association of Pakistan announced the holding of MARCON2004, Pakistan's most prestigious marketing event, on January 22 & 23, 2004 in Karachi. This was announced by Mr. Masood Hashmi-President, Marketing Association of Pakistan, at a press conference in the presence of Mr. Rizwan Jamil Beverages Director, Unilever Pakistan, the Principal Sponsor.

Mr. Hashmi said that MARCON has become the most eagerly awaited event in Marketing and has received exceptional support from the business community, government and all the other relevant quarters.

Elaborating further he said, "The theme for MARCON2004 "From Turnaround to Takeoff: The Role of Marketing" reflects the sense of optimism currently prevailing among large sections of the business community, as well as the government. This optimism, which is also borne out by the key economic indicators, can act as a trigger "to kick-start a major economic revival in the country."


M. Waqar Monnoo, Chairman APTMA has stated that he has taken up the issue of 14.1% Anti Dumping Duty proposed to be levied by European Commission on import of Pakistani bedlinen with Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan, Minister of Commerce, who showed his concern in the matter and informed that government has formed a Task Force in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to evolve a joint strategy with private sector to counter EC's action.

Chairman APTMA acclaimed the untiring efforts including personal visits of Minister of Commerce to Brussels since November 2002 to restrain EC from imposing anti dumping duty and to find a viable settlement in the interest of both the parties. He suggested to the Minister that all diplomatic and other appropriate channels should be used for generating pressure on the Commission for averting the anti dumping duty. He however, pointed out that export of bedlinen for the first time has declined by 10% (in value terms) in November 2003 as compared to the corresponding period of last year. M. Waqar Monnoo informed that value-wise share of bedlinen exports to EU Countries is about 40% in Pakistan's global exports of bedlinen, which is significant and important. Chairman APTMA further informed that export of bedlinen fetches more than US $ 1 billion annually and protection of its export to EU Countries in particular needs urgent attention of the government. Chairman APTMA assured the Minister of Commerce that private sector would however, do its best to meet the export target of US $ 12.10 billion for the current year.


Mr. Zubair Ahmed Malik, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) has stated that good governance and market economy are vitally linked together and Pakistan's existing system of management needs and revolutionary reforms to achieve the objectives of a modern Islamic State. Mr. Malik made these remarks while giving a talk on this topic in the seminar on "Civil Society and Good Governance" arranged by the Liberal Forum with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Islamabad.

Elaborating his views, Mr. Malik stated that although Pakistan has grown much more than other low income countries, it has so far failed to achieve social progress commensurate with its income growth. He stated, lack of access to drinking water, poor sanitary conditions and poor quality of education are serious challenges for the Government's policy and decision makers.

It is true that through sound policy formulation, the country has turned a deteriorating macro economic situation to a rapidly improving scenario. However, the ground reality is that poverty in Pakistan continues to be a serious concern. It is estimated that almost 40 percent of our population of 145 million people are faced with poverty. We lag behind countries with comparable per capital income in most social indicators. Only 44 percent of our population is literate, compared to an average of 64 percent of the population in countries with similar per capital income. There are also significant gaps in both literacy and health status. Gender disparities in education remain significant.


Karachi is the biggest & busiest city of our country. Due to heavy traffic and increasing population the greenery and natural beauty of the city has been affected badly. Since Saddar town is the largest town of city this is the reason that the management of Town in collaboration with Arena Multimedia came up with a scheme to beautify the town by placing the beautifully designed traffic cubicles wherever there is a need of it. These cubicles are especially designed to not only fulfill the need of Traffic Police, but also carry public messages to educate the nation & serve the purpose of improving the environmental beauty, as they are green in colour and plant shape in look. In the initial stage five locations have been identified to place the cubicles.



The first cubicle of this series has been placed on Nishter Garden Road on December 18, 2003. The inauguration was done by the Area Nazim, Saddar Town, Mr. Farooq Fariah. Mr. Arshad Khalil, Master Franchisee, Arena Multimedia-Pakistan Operations, Mr. Zubair Mughal, Coordinator TMO. Saddar Town, Mr. Marshal, Coordinator Nazim, Saddar Town, Mr. Salman Zeni, Manager Operations Arena Multimedia, Mr. Irfan Ahmed, Business Manager Arena Multimedia, Ms. Naveen Arshad, Academic Head, Arena Multimedia, Ms. Samina Naz, Manager Promotions Arena Multimedia, D.I.G Traffic and other management of Saddar Town and General Public were present at the inauguration ceremony.