Dec 15 - 21, 2003  
ISSUE # 50  

The Kingdom of Bahrain offers enormous potential for progress for the corporates considering positioning themselves in new locations that promise intellectual, political, social and technological global compatibility. Ideally located in close proximity to countries representing large potential markets, and backed by fast liberalizing economic policies, Bahrain offers a partner-facilitator that makes investor objectives integrate into the evolving economic strategy of the nation.





Iranian port Bandar Abbas, despite 21 per cent more expensive than the Karachi port, vessels carrying transit cargo for Central Asian States and Afghanistan prefer to call on Iranian port. As compared to 15-21 days required at Karachi port, it takes hardly 5-6 days at Bandar Abbas for clearance. Pakistan is developing its third deep sea port at Gwadar especially to attract transit business for the countries in the region. This newly developed port will have to competitive in all respect, if we desire to make it a real success story.


Last year the signature Pakistani citrus fruit Kino found its way into the markets of exactly 50 countries around the world earning export proceed of $ 21.7 million for the country. It was, and has been, the top contributor to fruits and vegetables exports all along except in the fiscal year 2000-01.