Nov 24 - Dec 07, 2003  
ISSUE # 47 & 48  

While the other PSF manufacturers are still struggling to contain erosion in profitability, Ibrahim Fibres is getting ready to double its installed capacity. The expanded capacity is expected to come online in year 2006. The recent expansion in PSF manufacturing has been due to the change in perception about the man-made fibre. Previously it was considered a substitute for cotton but now it complements cotton for the production of blended yarn. The demand or blended yarn has been growing at a fast rate due to shift in consumer preference from 100% cotton fabrics to blended fabrics.





The controversy over the results of elections held in October for office bearers of APTMA has taken a serious turn. The industry has divided into two groups and both the groups are raising accusing fingers against each other. Due to closure of central office in Karachi, the export of the textile products has come to a halt for want of price check certificates issued by APTMA which are required for clearance at customs stage. Both the parties have approached to FPCCI for arbitration.


The arrival of the 5th refinery unit with the operation of Bosicar, the refining strength has reached to over 13.4 million tons as against the total requirement of 18 million tons a year. The arrival of refineries is a great source of attracting foreign investment as evident from the performance of PARCO.
There is a need to streamline the exploration work in the energy rich Balochistan. Once the resources were tapped at full scale, Pakistan's economy has every reason to assume a leading role in the energy sector.