Nov 10 - Nov 16, 2003  
ISSUE # 45  

Pakistan with its Telecom policy had come out with better terms and agreements than the World Trade Organization (WTO). The policy assures up to 100 percent foreign ownership, a committed policy on number and technology neutrality, five-year policy review and 20 years license period, low upfront license fee and performance bond, independence of regulatory bodies and regulations, transparency and licensing process. In the backdrop of these incentives, experts are of the opinion that the tremendous investment is in the offing during next three to four years in Pakistan.





If the butchers of Karachi be allowed to have their way the denizens of the biggest metropolis of the country would celebrate the auspicious festival of Eid-ul-Fitr without meat red that is. They not only resorted to unannounced increase in prices as usual during the holy month of fasting Ramazan but also expected the City Government not to take notice of it. Instead they wanted the City Government to not only look the other way but also to provide legal cover to the unacceptable extortion by fixing the prices that they demanded.


The KSE has announced the revised list of COT eligible securities. While the initial response is that the decision will help in protecting the investors, a loser look at the list shows that brokers fraternity has once again prevailed over the regulators. A large number of scrips are picks of the speculators and responsible for high volatility of the market.