By Syed M. Aslam
Nov 03 - 09, 2003 



*** "THERE IS A COST of being public office holders and they (parliamentarians) must understand that. Assets should be monitored and should not be put in the cold storage."

(Spokesman of National Accountability Bureau warning the politicians that false statements of assets could lead to not only disqualification but also imprisonment of up to 3 years or a fine of Rs 5,000 or both. The declarations filed by the 100 Senators in the upper house of the parliament show that many of them are billionaires while many others were multi-millionaires)

*** "SLOG: TO HIT or strike hard; to drive with blows, to assail violently. And that's precisely what the US has been doing and intends to continue to do."

(US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld pulling out the Oxford dictionary to read out the meaning of the word 'slog' in a bid to lessen the impact of a leaked memo that warned the US faces a 'long, hard slog' in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was heading a regular Pentagon briefing)

*** "144-4-12"

(Number of votes cast in the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly demanding the tearing down of the monster concrete wall by Israel in the occupied West Bank. The resolution was passed by 144-4 votes with 12 countries abstaining)

*** "UNFORTUNETALEY, he's got other commitments."

(Manager of the skipper of Australian cricket squad Steve Waugh commenting on his inability to meet US President George W. Bush due to a professional commitment)

*** "ARE WE NOT allowed to say that we are angry with the Jews? Are the Jews some kind of creature who cannot be condemned in any way?"

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad defending the right of Muslims to condemn the Jews for occupying Muslim Lands and killing the Palestinians. He also slammed the West for being brazenly anti-Muslim siding and pro-Jews to the point of blindness)

*** "2,500"



(Number of people who end their lives by committing suicides in the country during the first nine months of this year. Abject poverty, unemployment and prolonged illness were the major cause of most of these suicides)

*** "IT'S A TRAGEDY that US soldiers have killed so many civilians in Baghdad. But it is really incredible that the US military does not even count these deaths. Any time US forces kill Iraqi civilians in questionable circumstances, they should investigate the incident.'

(Acting Director of Human Rights Watch for Middle East and North Africa, Joe Stork, demanding the investigation of growing civilian deaths in Iraq)

*** "YOU ALL WHINE too much... I envy you and our so-called crisis."

(Former soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev criticising the Germans for whining too much and asking them to be thankful for living a wealthy life instead of complaining about current economic turmoil)

*** "THE IRAQI REGIME was not Al Qaeda, Saddam (Hussein) was not Osama bin Laden... Stop telling us lies. Unlike you, our soldiers are serving their country with distinction."

(Former US war veteran, Michael McPherson, whose former combat unit served in Iraq, addressing a 20,000-strong rally in Washington to protest US presence in Iraq)

*** "I KNOW MY FRIEND is running again, and she's got a strong agenda to run on. (She) has been very strong and I appreciate that and I appreciate my friendship with her."

(US President George W. Bush strongly endorsing Philippines President Gloria Arroyo's candidacy for the 2004 elections)

*** "THIS PARTICULAR phase in my life is the most dangerous... someone is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injuries in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry."



(Letter written by Britain's Princess Diana to her Butler Paul Burrel 10 months before she was killed in a tragic car crash in a Paris underpass on August 31, 1997. The shocking letter is included in a book written by Burrel which was released recently)

*** "67 per cent"

(Number of Iraqis who view US as an occupier instead of liberator according to a new poll released in Baghdad recently)