Nov 03 - Nov 09, 2003  
ISSUE # 44  

The availability of increased numbers of locally produced and imported two-wheelers have not provided buyers with choice but has also pushed sales for the benefit of all those associated with the trade. Just a year ago retail outlets at the Akbar Road used to sell just 600 units a month. Today some 4,000 units are sold each month and the figure is expected to cross 6,000 units soon. The market has not witnessed such sales activity for around a decade when Karachi used to be the biggest two-wheeler market in the country.





The Privatization Commission has not been able to accelerate the process of sale of majority shares of SOEs due to some internal and external factors. At the same time target for further sale of shares of listed companies is not being met. The key factor responsible for the delay seems to be pressure of various groups having vested interest.


All is set to develop the Thar coalfields which are said to be among the largest coal reserves in the world. So far this huge natural wealth remained untapped obviously due to lethargic attitude of the governments in the past. The development of this coalfield not only help reducing the exorbitant cost of electricity generation but also bring a positive change in the life of the people living in this remotest part of the country. An agreement with a leading Chinese company is likely to be signed during this month for the erection of two power plants each of 300MW based on coal produced from Thar.