Oct 06 - 12, 2003  
ISSUE # 40  

There are strong expectations that the globalization of trade under WTO regime would benefit certain economic areas of Pakistan especially the textile sector. However there are serious concerns of stagnation of industrialization process in Pakistan as the onslaught of cheaper foreign goods may discourage the manufacturing sector in the developing countries. There are strong feelings that it is the manufacturing area that draws a line between the developing and the developed world. After implementation of WTO it may hamper growth in the  industrial sector of the developing nations.

With this background, there are concerns that 


the developing nations may become merely the trading nations.




Since September 16, the KSE-100 index has lost over 400 points. While some equities analysts term this 'normal', the gossip about the conflict among some leading brokerage houses raises apprehensions. This situation seems to have emerged due to certain weaknesses in the prevailing Badla system. It will be appropriate if rules of the game are amended.


Perhaps nothing else evokes stronger sentiments than Kalabagh in Pakistan. The proposed site for a dam costing the national exchequers thousands of millions in studies and feasibility report divides the people and has become a bone of content among the federating units. PAGE traces the history of the dam along with the technicalities and feels that a mega project like Kalabagh should not be built without the consensus.