By Syed M. Aslam
Sep 29 - Oct 05, 2003 



*** "I WANT YOU to understand that I'm not saying 'white' because the Americans say 'black.'"

(French President Jacques Chirac saying that his country would not veto any new US resolution on Iraq at the Security Council provided it included a deadline and timetable for transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis as well as a 'key role' for the UN)

*** "THE FACT is that today most of the unresolved political disputes and issues involve Muslims. Their demands for justice are often brush aside... Foreign occupation and the suppression of the right of peoples to self-determination is a direct cause of suicide bombings and terrorist acts that flow from a sense of despair."

(President Pervez Musharraf stressing the need to address the root cause of terrorism at an international conference)

*** "WE WILL NOT renounce our right to become stronger in the domains of science and technology... It is the Zionist regime which possesses considerable atomic arsenal and uses the worst forms of terrorism in Palestine..."

(Iranian President Mohammad Khatami vowing not to back down to mounting pressure over its nuclear programme. He was speaking at the military parade marking the outbreak of the 1980-88 war with Iraq which included display of the latest ballistic missiles Shahab-3)

*** "4,500"

(Number of applications received for 6 posts of assistant sub-inspectors in Railway Police including 57 from applicants with Masters degree, 550 graduates and also a few who held a law degree. The maximum required qualification for the job was high school)



*** "Rs 60 million"

(The cost of President Pervez Musharraf's and Prime Minister Zafarullah Jamali's trip to the US this month which would over 100 members, half of them parliamentarians, collectively)

*** "... I have neither been invited to be a member of any delegation nor do I have any desire to be part of such a delegation. Therefore, there is no question of myself being party to a wasteful expenditure of scarce national resources."

(Dr Akmal Hussain, an economist whose name was included in the list of President Pervez Musharraf's delegation to the UN, clarifying his position in a letters to the editor of the English daily which mentioned him as one of the delegates)

*** "I'M NO SPECIALIST when it comes to dictators or dictatorship... The only thing I can say is I am totally incapable of making a difference between one and the other."

(EU Chief Romano Prodi's spokesman hitting back at comments made by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi depicting former fascist dictator Benito Mussolini as a benign dictator. He added that dictators are all the same)

*** "I DON'T THINK Cancun was a failure for developing countries... we were able to communicate very strongly that we are a force, that we represent the majority of the world's people, and that there will be no agreement about us, without us."

(South African Finance Minister Trevor Manuel calling latest WTO ministerial meeting a success despite ending without agreements)

*** "IF YOU ARE BAD to me, I will have you investigated. I know those who are naughty and those who are nice."

(Philippines President Gloria Arroyo jokingly asking the journalists to 'report good news' at the National Press Club gala)

*** "DON'T TELL ME about class warfare. I'm all for wealth and business. I just think that we all ought to go up together... I never had a nickel until I left the White House. What's the sacrifice that's being asked of people who make more than $1 million a year? It's the energy they have to expend opening the envelopes containing their tax returns."

(Former US president Bill Clinton criticising President Bush's tax policies that he said benefits the wealthy, including himself who became rich only after leaving the White House)