Sep 29 - Oct 05, 2003


PARO QURESHI, a talented professional photographer, is currently associated with an advertising company i.e. 'COLOURS' as Manager, Photography and Coordination.



Carrying a number of awards to her professional credit, Paro Qureshi is Pakistani born girl brought up in the United States. Her family is settled in the United States. She got her schooling and higher education in Pakistan and Kuwait and later on got a diploma in photography during her stay in America. Being a creative photographer, she has devoted most of her work on different spheres of human life to highlight the problems and hardships of the homeless people in Pakistan. She is also working on the living style of the rural population, state historic monuments in Pakistan. Similarly work is also being done by someone else in India. After completion, this comparative study in photographs would be displayed at an exhibition in the United States. This association has been sponsored by an Indian entrepreneur based in the United States.


PAGE: Why you have decided to comeback while your family was still living in the United States.

PARO QURESHI: Simply speaking, Pakistan is my country, leaving aside the glamour of the US; life is more appealing here which attracts me more than any thing. Besides that Pakistan is a growing economy which offers more opportunities for those who want to make their future as compared to the life in the US.

PAGE: You have shifted to Pakistan after 9/11 events; did you observe any change of behavior of the US people with Asians, especially Pakistanis?

PARO QURESHI: Broadly speaking, the interaction of the people of different origins and the local people remained intact and there was not visible change. In fact, it is the media which painted an unrealistic picture about the situation in the United States. You may call it propaganda; otherwise situation remained normal after 9/11 except a few cases which normally can occur in any country. While you are in Pakistan you must have the experience how our police behave with our own people for security reasons after an untoward situation. The situation was blown up out of proportion, things were normal otherwise.



PAGE: As a professional why did not you join media which has also grown up in Pakistan?

PARO QURESHI: There is always resistance to any change in every society. Perhaps you may count on figure tips of women photographers in print media; I won't know why they are hesitant to accept them as their regular team member. I visited some newspapers and offered my services, but the response was negative, she observed with a sarcastic smile on her face.

PAGE: You just said about tremendous opportunities in Pakistan for women photographer, would you like to spell them out.

PARO QURESHI: Actually, it was referring to the growing economy of Pakistan when I said about tremendous opportunities in the field of photography for women. You must have noticed the visible change in the quality of advertising especially the quality of bill board all along the roadsides in Pakistan. This is because of application of latest digital technology in the profession of photography. It is not the bill board alone but the entire field of advertisement has received a revolution because of digital technology. Pakistan is a major recipient of this technology and perhaps among the countries that have gained a top position in the field of printing and packaging materials.

In fact, photography is deeply creeping into every aspect of life whether it is social events or documentation of the economy. You see so far, economies were not really documented in the third world countries. But it is getting stronger in terms of documentation because that has become imperative for survival of any society that every aspect of the economy should be in black and white and got to be documented. This process of documentation calls for involvement of photographic technology at a much wider scope while comparing the past.

PAGE: Do you think that photography has yet to grow on a larger scale in Pakistan?

PARO QURESHI: You must have noticed that photography has been grown in an unorganized way so far. It has not been growing like other trade or industry in a certain direction. Now it has been given a direction, institutes imparting training in this field have also come on the ground while world known companies in this sector are coming in a big in this country. It is going to be a big trade in Pakistan for which the basis has already been laid by certain multinational companies and local organization. The government's policy of the documentation of the policy has given a real peg to this industry, while market is also becoming choosy and the customer demands quality products in this field as well. Rapid development of this industry also help in promoting exports from Pakistan because it helps developing quality presentation of products through modern concept of packaging and printing products.