Sep 29 - Oct 05, 2003  
ISSUE # 39  

In the declining interest scenario and financial institutions suffering from surplus liquidity crisis, there seems to be no incentive for small depositors. The excuse that poor yield on T-Bills is responsible for the declining interest rates seems rather weak. The real reason for the current situation seems to be inability to utilize the deposits for high yielding investments or to increase credit offtake.




Common border markets are likely to develop on the Pakistan-Iran border in near future. Some five spots have already been identified for the purpose which will generate economic activity for the people living on both sides across the border. The motive behind the plan is to curb growing illegal trade besides improving the quality of life in these areas. All the relevant quarters including the government of Balochistan have given a green signal for the common border markets.


For all its financial, industrial and trading activities, Karachi the biggest port city of the country has little to show in IT. It trails miles behind its smaller, but much more IT-alive, counterparts like Lahore and Islamabad. What is even more troubling is the fact that Karachi houses not only the largest number of software houses but also the largest population of the IT professionals. Needless to say, an overwhelming portion of this tremendous trained human resources keeps on gathering dust and is forced to settle for un-related jobs for its survival.