Sep 15 - 21, 2003 



Inbox Business technologies recently launched the Inbox Mobile CT — a laptop with new, advanced features such as extended battery life and wireless connectivity capabilities.

The Inbox Mobile CT is the first local branded laptop featuring the new Intel® Centrino mobile technology that enables a lighter, sleeker casing and has wireless connectivity features. Coupled with extended battery life — users can now be at ease using the laptop as it runs as long as six to seven hours on battery. And with the lightweight casing, the laptop truly adds more mobility for all users.



The laptop was prominently featured along with other Inbox products at the ITCN Asia held at the Expo Centre in August. ITCN was an ideal venue for the general public to gain first hand experience of all Inbox products on display. These included desktop PCs and servers other than the laptop range.

"We strive to bring customers the latest in technological trends in the best timeframe possible. Our latest range of laptops are in sync with the current trend in the international laptop industry," said Ghias Khan, CEO, Inbox.

Inbox Business Technologies designs, develops, assembles and markets computer hardware and software solutions and services. The first company to achieve Intel® Premier Provider status in Pakistan, Inbox is certified, trained and tested on 'end-to-end' technological solutions. Inbox is also the first computer brand in the country to open a retail outlet and is currently, the only System Builder (SB) Gold Member in the country. For more information on the company and its products and services visit


Cathay Pacific recently announced that it has raised a total of HK$5.54million last year in aid of UNICEF, through its Change for Good inflight fundraising programme. The amount was raised from 15 August 2002 to 14 August 2003. Last year's collection marked a 26 percent drop from the previous year's donation due to the outbreak of SARS in early April this year.

The Change for Good inflight programme was incepted in 1991. From a six-month programme, the fundraising period was formally extended to one year in 2001. Since the programme's inception, Change for Good has raised more than HK$45.5 million for UNICEF. Cathay Pacific and UNICEF will once again extend the programme for another year to help support children in the developing countries.


Apart from being an environmental catastrophe of massive proportions, the recent oil spill on the coastline of Karachi has also had severe health impacts on coastal area residents.

Adverse health related symptoms of the oil spill as experienced by the people include asthma, ophthalmic and dermatological problems.

In an effort to minimize the extent of the health hazards caused by the oil spill, Unilever Pakistan, with the support of the Aga Khan University Hospital and Behbud Association, set up a Medical Camp in Shirin Jinnah Colony. This area is close to the affected coastline of Karachi. The camp which will be set up twice every week, will provide free consultation, treatment and medication to health victims of the oil spill by eye, skin, ENT doctors. Moreover, in order to help residents adequately protect themselves from the noxious fumes lingering in the air, free information on precautionary measures will also be made available at camp premises.

Officially inaugurated this week, the camp is being visited by an increasing number of people, with the highest number of treatments relating to ophthalmic problems. Moreover, in order to gauge the impact of the oil spill, all cases are being reviewed by doctors at AKUH. Residents of coastal area greatly appreciate this laudable initiative and hope that it goes a long way in dealing with the existing crisis. This activity is in line with Unilever Pakistan's commitment to health, education and water related issues.




His highness the Aga Khan launched a landmark cultural centre marking a milestone in the 1300 year history of the Ismaili Muslim community in Central Asia.

The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe, when completed will be comparable in scope and standing to existing major centre in London, Vancouver and Lishbon and those at advanced planning stages in Toronto and Dubai.

The Foundation stone of The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe was laid by Tajikistan's President Emomali Rahmonov on a prestigious 25,500 square metre site in the centre of the city. President Rahmonov took the opportunity to underline the commitment of the Government of Tajikistan to provide enabling conditions for the development of institutions promoting "freedom of conscience, pluralism and faith" as well as "exchange of opinions and national accord in society".

Calling it "a place where people will come together to share their creativity and their wisdom," the Aga Khan said the Centre would "recognize and promote the plurality of traditions and forms of expression to which Central Asia has been a welcoming home and eminent crossroads over the centuries."


The third annual general meeting and the sixth theme conference of the South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) will be held in Lahore on December 3-4.

A press announcement of the Lahore Stock Exchange said the theme of the conference would be "strengthening stock exchanges listing regimes and regional harmonization".


The Minister of State and Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau, Tariq Ikram met with the Chief Minister Sindh Sardar Ali Mohammad Khan Mahar in his office.

Issues relating to the development of Fish Farming in Sindh and related issues of infrastructure were discussed. The Chief Minister agreed that Fish/Shrimp farming was a major source of fish export and could provide much employment to the people of Sindh. The Chairman discussed a focused approach to progress Fish/Shrimp Farming to benefit from the opportunity and progressive resolution of issues faced by prospective entrepreneurs and joint venture partners.




Shaheen Air International profile was published in our issue of September 8-14, 2003 and a word 'wasted' instead of 'western' and name of CEO-AVM 'Aamar Ali Sharief' instead of 'Aamer Ali Sharieff' printed incorrectly.

We regret the printing error. The paragraph should be read as follows: "Present operation is with TU-154B, TU-154M and YAK-42D aircraft. Process of inducting western aircraft has been initiated." — Editor