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Aug 25 - 31, 2003 



We are in the age of e-commerce when all affected have realized that the use of Internet has opened doors to great success. Noticing this trend and the necessity of spreading this knowledge and opportunity to maximum number of present and future Pakistanis, Kalia Group has undertaken the task of brining this knowledge within the reach of masses. To attain this objective, Kalia Group had launched a web portal, KalPoint.com, about 3 years back, which has now developed into Pakistan's largest, most interactive and e-commerce enabled web portal of Pakistan.

KalPoint.com comprises of 40 categories, each of which is developed to cater specific needs of separate segments of the society. The specialty of the portal is that it provides services such as job hunt, matrimonial, chat, email, discussion forums, auto-classifieds, real-estate classified, etc. all in the perspective of Pakistan. No other web portal in Pakistan offers so many services, with state of the art dynamic features.

Such huge treasure of knowledge is not available anywhere at the press of a button for Pakistanis. Naturally it saves costs and time and the benefits are instantaneous.

Obviously, any user will wish to know how this gigantic portal and the treasure of information therein can be put to use for his/her benefit. Let us tell you at the start that all the categories of KalPoint.com are extremely user friendly and do not require complex specific procedure to follow.

Q1. It is difficult to accept that this kind of service is really free. Can you explain?

KALPOINT.COM: Realizing the paramount national importance of IT (To maintain our two prime national objectives (1) IMPREGNABLE DEFENSE and (2) ECONOMIC PROGRESS & PROSPERITY) we decided to launch this web portal. Indeed, it is absolutely free for the mission is to spread the knowledge of IT to the maximum number of Pakistanis. As you perhaps know we are already about fifteen years behind India who have taken a big share of the world market. Moreover, IT is the language of the 21st century and without learning it no progress and prosperity is now possible.

Q2. Suppose I am interested in just educating myself generally, how do I go about it?

KALPOINT.COM: We offer complete guidance to the students in his selected field. Teachers and parents may also benefit from this information. The student can select his line of interest from a large list of subjects showing courses and tuitions etc. You may also view the Exam Results announced by the Karachi Boards. You may also see the Exam Papers of the past 5 years. Besides, this one can easily obtain relevant information with regards to Career Counseling, Studying abroad and Careers in demand at edupk.com.

Q3. Suppose I wish to find a job. How will KalPoint.com help?

KALPOINT.COM: We have an excellent job-hunt category at KalPoint.com; it's called Jobspk.com, which is under KalClassified section. We have an excellent program for this purpose where we have an up-to-date record of employees seeking good workers. Placement is made once we know details of your qualifications and track record.

As of now there is a Rich databank of 50612 CVs for the Employers and for the Candidates there is Rich databank of 1366 jobs from several fields. The search system is so user friendly from employers' and employees' perspective that it needs a few clicks to find all you need.

Q4. Say, I wish to purchase or sell equipment, machinery or property. What help may I find?

KALPOINT.COM: All your wishes come true at KalPoint.com; you can buy/sell industrial equipment at our Running Businesses Section and property at RealEstatepk.com. We offer free information of who is selling what or who is interested in purchasing what. We provide you all the information and save you both time and the cost of agents/middle men. These categories also come under the section of KalClassified. The usage of all our KalClassified categories is very user friendly and they have huge databases. By placing your free advertisement in these categories you are saving a lot of money, time and effort required to reach the objective, as compared to placing the same advertisements in newspapers.

Q5. One big problem these days is finding suitable marriage partner for our children etc, and the marriage bureaus are not much reliable. Is there any help in this field?



KALPOINT.COM: We are helping Pakistanis in almost every area, we have a prefect solution for this problem, which is called Matchpk.com, it is among one of our prime KalClassified categories and more than 70,000 proposals are available here for potential brides and grooms. This category is being used by fathers, mothers, friends, relatives as well as prospective brides and grooms themselves. The system is designed to secure the privacy of advertisers and help them avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Our KalClassified categories are designed to take the advantage of latest state of the art match making system, where our system regularly checks for suitable matches and files emails to both the parties to notifications of availability of new matches.

Q6. Is there any help available for travel aid?

KALPOINT.COM: Yes we provide comprehensive e-guidance for all your travel needs. You may select the best package deal for Hajj, Umra or excursion. This programme may be viewed in Urdu also.

Q7. It is a lot of bother looking through lists for a winning Prize Bond. Does KalPoint.com provide help in this field?

KALPOINT.COM: Certainly. You may register the number of your Prize Bonds with us and our programme will inform you as and when a bond holder has won in the current draw as well as in previous valid draws. We like to inform you that our checking system is 100% error free as we have so far not received even a single error report.

Virtual Vault is another feature of PB. Virtual Vault is a form of a personalized Locker on the Net where you can keep your prize bonds (numbers only) in a secure and confidential manner for an endless period of time. This service enables the users to save the hassle of checking their Prize Bonds from time to time. Just get registered, free of cost, and let our system do the rest for you. It is a part of prize bond category, which provides an auto checking facility of winning numbers. An automatic E-mail is sent to the users about their winning prizes after the draw. The prize bond category Pbpk.com has all the information that is required by people who invest in prize bonds.

Q8. In case I wish to sell or purchase a running business is there any help available. We did talk of selling/purchasing machinery and property?

KALPOINT.COM: Yes, in addition to above we also provide genuine information in this regards. Our service is both prompt and accurate.

Q9. Let me ask a few questions related to computers and related business. First of all how can I learn what is new in the IT world?

KALPOINT.COM: We take you direct to the IT world where you will learn the latest trends and information with regard to this field.

Q10. Can my e-mail efficiency be enhanced and facilitated?

KALPOINT.COM: KalMail is a great and free email service by KalPoint.com. We have so many users of this service that we have to run it on a dedicated server. In additional to all the features that are given by world leaders like Yahoo and Hotmail, we have several advanced features like change skin according to your desire, message filtering, message preview, etc. We offer a big 5 MB mail box to all users with very interesting features.



Q11. You people seem to be champions in the arena of IT in Pakistan, how do you cover this sector?

KALPOINT.COM: Rightly said, we would rather say that "We mean IT", IT can never be ignored, ITWorldpk.com is all about Information Technology and here you will find news, articles, virus alerts, online training, etc.

Q12. Does the programme provide guidance in trading in Stocks or Forex?

KALPOINT.COM: Forex is yet another business specialty of Kalia Group and people interested in forex have a dedicated category called Forexpk.com, here we provide up to the minute updates of foreign currencies and information regarding global forex data and inter-bank forex rates. We offer a special option of open market archives for the last nine years.

In relation to Stocks we cover daily news from the stocks sector from all over the world and on a weekly basis we publish an article online which goes by the name of "Stock watch" in which we highlight the performance of stock market in Pakistan which principally depicts Major Gainers & Major Losers in the stock market.

Q13. How about non-business fields?

KALPOINT.COM: We call it "infotainment e-zine" and we provide information and entertainment through large number of categories each of which is targeted to separate segment of netizens, these include:

1. Showbizpk.com
2. Poetrypk.com
3. Funpk.com
4. Greetingspk.com
5. Chatpk.com
6. Phonepk.com
7. Forumpk.com
8. Urdupk.com
9. Pakdeen.com
10. Foodspk.com
11. Cricpoint.com
12. Webspk.com
13. Visa & Immigration
14. Personality of the Week (POW)
15. ISPpk.com
16. Yellowpagespk.com
17. Womenspk.com

Q14. This is quite a package how do you manage?

KALPOINT.COM: We have a team of highly experienced and talented young professionals who are patriotic and energetic. They have the skill and enthusiasm to provide excellent help for the seekers in any field. All our services are time tested and up-to-date.

You may only tell us what your needs are by filling a simple form and then let us save you all the time, money and hassle!