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By Syed M. Aslam
Aug 25 - 31, 2003 



*** "$30 billion"

(Estimated loss of massive power outage affecting 8 states in north-east US and several cities in Canada)

*** "I HAVE NEVER been accused of being politically correct...I say what I think. If someone doesn't like it, the hell with 'em'... Just because you're rich and well-known doesn't mean you have to act like an idiot."

(Best-selling US author Tom Clancy defending his prickly writing style and fame)

*** "I AM the real one and I am ready to show a certificate."

(Former Indian superstar turned Shipping Minister Shatrughan Sinha replying to the question asked to him by chairman of upper house confirming his identity in the parliament, a week after a double made a mockery of the security cordons in the federal house)

*** "WE'RE PEACEFUL PEOPLE, but one edict (from the imams) and the entire American army will become our prisoner."

(Member of the local district council expressing allegiance to the demand made by a group for the pulling out of US troops from a neighbourhood in Baghdad)

*** "200"

(Number of candidates signing up for wild gubernatorial race in California)

*** "IF YOU LOOK at the current situation, common sense says we cannot send them right away."

(Director General of the Japanese Defense Agency, Shigeru Ishiba, hinting at the backing away from promise to send up to 1,000 troops to Iraq by November this year)

*** "THE BRAINS of left-handers seem to be more variable and some are organised in a different way. Some benefit from this and have special talents in areas such as music and maths. But I don't think there is any doubt that they are more likely to have problems such as dyslexia or a stutter."



(Professor of psychology at University College London, Chris McManus explaining why left-handed persons often excel in sports, maths and music but are more likely to have speech and language difficulties)

*** "IT IS a genetic goldmine. Out of Umri's population of 800, nearly 120 (60 pairs) were twins. We counted 40 pairs still alive."

(Centre Director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, Lali Singh, commenting on the initiation of a study by the scientists to explain the largest population of twins in the country in sleepy village in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh)

*** "IT IS A NATIONAL DISASTER, but I disagree that the spill threatens marine life... I apologise to the people of Karachi for all the inconvenience they have faced because of the oil spill."

(Federal Minister for Communication, Ali Ahmed, offering apology to the people of the coastal city of Karachi for the massive oil spill from a tanker which ran aground on the 27 of the last month)

*** "WE'RE TRYING to build a 21st century electric marketplace on top of a 20th century electric grid."

(Spokeswoman for the North American Electric Reliability Council blaming the weak transmission system unable to bear the significant increase in generation of power for the massive blackout across the East coast of USA and Canada)

*** "I SEEMED to have the wrong accent... They're the sort of people who eat smokes salmon, while I eat Pot Noodles. They are just really snobby and didn't want me because I am working class."

(Outstanding British student Candice Clarke accusing Trinity College, Cambridge one of the country's top universities and blaming it for being rejected for admission)

*** "IT IS JUST A BUSINESS DEAL. He may be so desperate to get back into the international fold that he would come to this business deal."

(British Member of Parliament Tam Dalyell saying that Libya's acceptance of the responsibility for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am aircraft over Lockerbie, Scotland 'doesn't mean Tripoli was guilty'. He said that the acceptance was driven by 'desperation to get back into the international trading circuit')