By Syed M. Aslam
Aug 18 - 24, 2003 



*** "IT'S A MATTER of principle, having made the decision to go there out of caring for human life, and then once there having to deal with the dead children from cluster bombs."

(Sixty-two-year-old US anti-war activist Faith Fippinger defending her decision to visit Iraq to act as a human shield prior to the US invasion. She received a letter from the treasury department threatening her up to 12 years in prison and up to $ 1 million in fines when she came back from Iraq but has refused to pay a reduced fine of $ 10,000)

*** "$ 31 billion"

(Lost productivity due to depression in the US according to a research conducted by American Productivity Audit published in the special issue of the Journal of American Medical Association)

*** "baseless and fabricated... wild flights of fancy."

(Foreign ministry slamming a report published by Los Angeles Times alleging that Pakistan helped Iran develop its nuclear programme)

*** "THE VERDICT is not a blow to us. It is not damaging. We have been facing such situations for years."

(Seantor Raza Rabbani commenting on the conviction of his party's leader and former prime minister Benazir Bhutto for money laundering by a Swiss Judge)

*** FIRST THINGS FIRST. We hope there is a second administration."

(US President George W. Bush brushing aside speculation whether the Secretary of State Colin Powell would serve in a second Bush term)



*** "THE MESSAGE IS: don't wait. You've got to do something, and you have got to do it now. This is not an attack on the government. This is scientific fact."

(Scientific chair of South Africa's first national AIDs conference, Salim Abdool Karim, urging the government for rapid treatment for millions of South Africans dying from the disease)

*** "PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED of politicians, therefore it's important for me to run and to win... to clean house."

(US action hero and Terminator star Arnold Schwarsenegger announcing to quit the movies to join the race for governorship of California)

*** "OFF AND ON a fairly major war would be launched deliberately for no good reason. And the weapons are gleefully used in these real life tests."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad accusing rich countries for the proliferation of wars to help sell their weapons)

*** "RESISTANCE is a legitimate right. We see the Lebanese national resistance, the Hezbollah and the uprising in Palestine in this perspective."

(Syrian Defence Minister Mustafa Tlass renewing his country's support for Hezbollah despite a US demand that Damascus reign in the movement after it attacked Israeli positions)

*** "WE MUST MOBILISE to make sure that the Cancun summit is a failure, to put the 146 member governments under citizen's arrest so that they can't sign an agreement in Cancun."

(French anti-globalisation hero Jose Bove calling for wisescale protests against the WTO ahead of next month's summit in Mexico. Boce rapped up a massive three-day rally in southern France early this month)



*** "THE THEORY is very basic and you can see it in every plant."

(Jack Schultz, who led a scientific project at Penn State University in the US, announcing the invention of a houseplant that signals when it needs watering by letting off a dim light)

*** "IT IS the first time in the country that cloud seeding is being undertaken in such a massive manner."

(Water Resources Minister of southern Indian state of Karnataka, H.K. Patil, talking about the hiring of an American company specialising in artificial cloud seeding, a process to induce rain. The company has promised the state it will see a 20 per cent increase current rainfall levels)

*** "THE UNITED STATES has informed the governments of Israel and India that we have no objection to the Israeli transfer of the Phalcon airborne early-warning system to India."

(Deputy State Department spokesman Philip Reeker confirming his government had given clearance for Isreal to sell $ 1 billion worth of AWACS aircraft to India)