Aug 18 - 24, 2003  
ISSUE # 33  

People of Pakistan celebrated the 57th Independence Day with renewed hopes that the days are not too distant when their social, political and economic problems will be resolved.
The poor who are the real architects of this country are still desperately want greater access to land and water, basic services of health care, education and jobs. They are extremely vulnerable as they denied access to political power and justice especially the women folk who are really worse off in the whole scheme of deprivation.
On the economic front, there are strong indicators that the  economy is on the track of progress and prosperity.

However, this economic prosperity was still a promise as far as the masses of the country were concerned.

They are looking for the day when the promise economic well being and will become a practical reality.




Listed commercial banks have started announcing half yearly results. It is interesting to note that despite declining trend in interest rates, bottom line seems to be improving. This can be mainly attributed to substantial capital gains and dividend income from investment in equities. Another factor is their ability to curtail return on deposits without making corresponding adjustments in lending rates.


Reducing urea prices
While the price of feedstock has been raised by the GoP is not allowing the manufacturers to increase urea price. However, the GoP does not seem to be inclined to reduce import duty on DAP. Higher price of DAP does not allow the farmers to apply balanced nutrients and affecting the yield of various crops, already low in Pakistan as compared to yield achieved in other countries of the region.