By Syed M. Aslam
Aug 11 - 17, 2003 



*** "WE ARE NOT COWS to be led by the nose, we are not children to be led by the hands. This is a journey we must make with our own two feet. We must walk together ... in unity, there will be strength."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad calling for developing an East Asia Economic Grouping replacing a 'spurious' ASEAN-plus-Three forum which has China, Japan and South Korea as dialogue partners. He also backed a proposed regional monetary fund, the Asian Monetary Fund, independent of the IMF)

*** "... it seems some members of the Congress are deaf when it comes to Saudi Arabia... Where are the facts, where is the evidence? If they want to hide the truth, make false accusations and write unpublished docuemnts here and there, we cannot deal with that."

(Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud al Faisal strongly criticisng a US congressional report that implied the Kingdom's complicity in September 11, 2001 attacks)

*** "IF CONGRESS continues blindly to support Israel, then Bush's vision will not be attainable."

(Palestinian Premier Mahmoud Abbas telling US congressional leaders that Israel is undermining President George W. Bush's vision of peace in the Middle East)

*** "IN ALL THE SAMPLES TESTED, the levels of pesticide residue far exceeded the maximum permissible total pesticide limit of 0.0005 mg per litre in water used as food."

(Director of Centre for Science and Technology of India, Sunita Narain, saying that 12 major softdrinks manufactured in the country, including Pepsi and Coca-Cola, are laced with unacceptably high levels of pesticide residues)

*** "THE REASON for it was not to smear me or even to smear my wife. The reason was to intimidate others from coming forward."

(Former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson accusing the Bush administration of using intimidation tactics to stifle criticism about its handling of intelligence on Iraq. He cited the naming of his wife by a Chicago columnist as a CIA operativeon WMDs as one such tactic)



*** "IT IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. Why he should be politically-motivated, he is doing his job."

Head of UK-based International Law Group Jeremy P. Carver justifying the conviction of the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and her spouse Asif Zardari by a Swiss Court for their involvement in money laundering. He also rejected that the Swiss court did serve summons to couple in line with due process of the law)

*** "I FELT like a bird."

(Austrian mechanic Felix Baumgartner who became the first person ever to fly across the English Channel wearing only a specially-designed suit)

*** "$ 500"

(Reward offered by a US colonel to any Iraqis who turn in shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles)

*** "GOD HAS CHOSEN me to improve myself through suffering."

(Asif Zardari, jailed husband of former premier Benazir Bhutto, commenting on prolonged incarcerations in jails including the one at present)

*** "THE ENERGY is downright sucked out of MPs' heads by the glass dome."

(An expert of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of positioning objects, buildings and furniture, blaming German parliament's glass dome, a Berlin landmark, for adverse flow of energy)

*** "59 per cent and 41 per cent"

(Findings of a survey conducted by a polling firm in Britain showing that more Britons trust the BBC than they trust Prime Minister Tony Blair. Fifty-nine per cent of those questioned said they trusted the BBC compared to 41 per cent who said they trusted Blair)

*** "IF THE PARLIAMENT can take Coke and Pepsi off its menu, why can't we? The common man's life is as valuable as a parliamentarian's ... The two multinationals have to get out of India ... Coke and Pepsi quit India. You are playing with our lives."

(Angry protestors in demanding the US beverage giants to leave India after a study said that their soft drinks contained lethal doses of pesticides)