By Syed M. Aslam
July 28 - Aug 03, 2003 



*** "20"

(Number of missile tests conducted by India during the first half of this year)

*** "IF YOU WANT them then turn yourself in."

(Note left by US Colonel David Hogg who kidnapped the wife and daughter of an Iraqi general wanted by the US)

*** "DON'T LET anyone tell you differently; those Andhra peppers are without doubt weapons of mass destruction... The Bengal tigers in Ramthambore. How could they be more in command. I could use their skills in my new responsibilities back home, and have sent them an e-mail with a job offer."

(Outgoing US Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill admitting that Indian chilli was too hot for him to handle and hoping to acquire skills of Royal Bengal tiger to survive in Washington)

*** "YOU DON'T FIGHT a war with per capita expenditure in mind. India's military expenditure is much more than Pakistan's."

(Nobel Indian laureate Amartya Sen slamming New Delhi's defence budget for harming the country's human development programmes)

*** "AT SOME STAGE... I propose to ask the prime minister and the Secretary of State for Defence, Mr. Geoff Hoon, to give evidence."

(Lord Hutton, the head of a judicial inquiry to investigate the suicide of Iraq weapons expert David Kelly, insisting that he would not be swayed by anyone and would call Prime Minister Tony Blair and Defence Minister to give the evidence)

*** "PEOPLE THOUGHT I was crazy, but I think it's how you use your freedom that counts and I wanted to do something for other people."

(John Wood, a former top executive of US software giant Microsoft Corporation, defending his decision to quit $ 300,000 a year post to deliver books to remote villages in Nepal on yak's back. He launched a charity in 2000 to boost literacy in Asian communities in countries like India and Nepal)



*** "THE MAIN BETRAYAL came from the people whom he trusted fully ... they betrayed their country before betraying Saddam Hussein."

(Eldest daughter of former Iraqi strongman, Raghad, accusing his aides for betrayal causing the fall of Baghdad to US-led forces in April)

*** "2.1 million"

(Number of people incarcerated in the US. The prison population in the US grew more than twice over 2001 pushing it to a new record)

*** "AS FAR AS WE KNOW, our technology is the only way a person can communicate to another person the sense of touch."

(Director of University of Buffalo's Virtual Reality Lab, Themkurussi Kesavadas, commenting on experiments to facilitate sense of touch over the Internet)

*** "IT IS SMALL on the outside, but roomy on the inside. It is ready to depart to the other world, but later that happens, the better."

(Retired Portuguese carpenter Jose Gomes announcing plans to be buried in a coffin replica of his Mercedes which took him a year to built)

*** "IF THERE IS NO UN mandate, there is no question of sending the troops. If there is, we have said we would consider it. That (a UN mandate) is the starting point for consideration."

(Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha declining to send troops to Iraq without clear UN mandate despite request from the US)

*** "OUR POLICEMEN have 30 dogs and the military police have even asked me to buy elephants to stamp on protestors."

(Chief of police in Phnom Penh, Cambodia threatening rioters with elephants to avoid any possible violence in general elections)

*** "I WOULDN'T WISH anyone what we've been through."

(Head of a 14-member family in Bulgaria recalling the horrors of her dwelling and the surroundings hit by lightning nine times in the past two years)

*** "IF CONGRESS continues blindly to support Israel, then Bush's vision will not be attainable."

(Palestinian Premier Mahmoud Abbas telling US congressional leaders that Israel is undermining President George W. Bush's vision of peace in the Middle East)