By Syed M. Aslam
July 21 - 27, 2003 



*** "REMEMBER that the president of Iran is freely elected. President Khatami was elected by his people, not in an American kind of election but an election that essentially tapped into the desires of the people."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell backing away from intervention in Iranian politics saying that Washington should stay away from a "family fight" between reformists and conservatives)

*** "I ROAM about the beaches of Karachi at night, incognito I mean, just to see. There is no law and order problem in Pakistan."

(President Pervez Musharraf telling French business executives that he is making an anonymous contribution of his own to uphold public order during his recent visit to France)

*** "THE WHOLE WROLD is fully aware that Israel's nuclear programme, or nuclear terror, could not make peace in the region as there is no room for a just peace in the light of a nuclear terror."

(State-run Syrian newspaper Tishrin saying that there would be no peace in the Middle East until Israel gets rid of its nuclear arms)

*** "THE PROBLEM is the political class think they are the master... Today the 18-year-old refuses to stand in a queue to vote because he knows it won't make a difference."

(Indian industrialist turn politician Vijay Mallya saying that he wants to galvanise the youth to fight corruption)

*** "POVERTY TODAY affects almost half the world's population. Three billion human beings live on less than two dollars a day and one third of them only have one dollar on which to survive."

(Press statement released by International Labour Organisation this month saying the gap between the world's richest and poorest has doubled between 1960 and 1999)

*** "WE ARE CALLING on the authorities to openly and seriously go for a nuclear weapons programme and boost our national pride. Nuclear weapons will be a deterrence against our enemies."



(Leader of hardline Iranian student group, Ali Reza Saeli, urging the government to develop a nuclear arms to deter US and Israeli threats)

*** "IT IS DESPICABLE ACT. I think it is outrageous in a country where we are trying to achieve reconciliation between black and white Australians."

(Prominent Australian Aboriginal leader Ray Robinson condemning use of photographs of living people, including Aborigines, for target practicing by Queenland state's elite counter-terrorism squad)

*** "WE BELIEVE it is a necessity for auditors, lawyers and technical-property inspectors to undergo defensive exercises for their own protection due to the nature of their work assignments."

(The Commission on Audit allowing auditors in the Philippines to arm themselves to protect themselves from harassment and even murder)

*** "$ 2.54"

(Fee charged by top South Korean mobile phone operator to download a sound it says repels mosquitoes)

*** "HE DID not have a credential. He did not have a passport. He has nothing."

(Curtis Jablonka, an official of White House travel office, commenting on a stowaway who hitched a ride from South Africa to Uganda on the press plane accompanying the US President George W. Bush)

*** "THE KIDS ARE GREAT until they start throwing rocks. If you don't wave, you get a rock."

(Sergeant Marvin Foster talking about difficulties faced by US forces to distinguish friend from foe in Iraq)

*** "200"

(Number of medium range Rodong missiles positioned by North Korea pointing at Japan according to a Japanese newspaper quoting a foreign ministry official)

*** "WE HAVE ALREADY had dozens of inquiries from people who want to rent one of our cows."

(Swiss dairy farmer Paul Wyler commenting on reaction to his rent-a-cow scheme on the Internet to let people produce their own cheese)



*** "ALL THE EVIDENCE points to the conclusion that they put a spin on the intelligence and a spin on the truth... But pride goes before a fall, and the all important question now is whether we can win the peace. In fact, we are at serious risk of losing it."

(Senator Edward M. Kennedy criticising the rising death tolls of US troops in post-war Iraq saying that they are paying the price for the "ideological pride" of the Bush administration)