July 21 - July 27, 2003  
ISSUE # 29  

The government has assigned a much greater role to the housing and construction industry as the spearhead accelerating the pace of economic activity in Pakistan. Though the sector has great potential to deliver the goods, yet level playing ground both for the public and private sector organization is a pre-requisite to achieve the desired results. There are positive signs of economic activity in various allied sectors to the construction industry. However, the incentives given by the government in the budget are not being passed on to the ender users. The follow-up of the good economic decisions and policies is equally important to ensure effective implementation of the decisions and the policies.





Reportedly Pakistan has declines IMF's offer to enter into another PRGF. Staying outside the IMF assistance gives Pakistan economic sovereignty. However, some analysts fear that the elected government may go for popular policies in the absence of IMF's conditionalities. Can the economic managers come up with a better home grown plan?


First PSMA Sindh Zone and then the central committee announced the inability of their members to commence next sugarcane crushing season. This decision has been prompted due to failure of the government policy and inability to implement agreed points. If the situation is not resolved immediately, it can lead to serious problems for sugarcane growers.