July 21 - 27, 2003 



MPL Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt) Limited established in Karachi in 1954, has since emerged as one of the county's leaders in the ever-challenging field of advertising.Over a hundred professionals steer MPL on straight course of success which has brought us to the present commanding heights even as the march ahead continues with renewed zeal.Maintaining a thorough balance all the way from conceptualization through product positioning to an effective performance in the market, we have helped influence consumer preference and change lifestyles.We leave the experience, we have the expertise, and we have the means to turn any product into a brand that rules the market.



MPL is people-powered, with ideas that sell. We achieve that with our vision of being an indispensable source of our client's competitive advantage throughout Pakistan.

Our mission is to work with our clients as a community of star-reachers whose ideas build leadership brands through imagination and a deep understanding of human behaviour.

Islamabad, the nation's capital, with its given concentration of government and semi-government departments and agencies, has in recent years also seen an increasing trend of private sector involvement. That has come about mainly as a result of the current process of privatization, together with the convenience which the major concerns; national, international and multination; find in maintaining fully functional establishments in this city.

Small wonder that the MPL's northern zonal office in Islamabad has also emerged as the largest and the busiest of the Agency's work stations outside of its parent headquarters at Karachi.

MPL Islamabad is presently one of the leading advertising practitioners of Pakistan that ensures uninterrupted continuity of the tradition of excellence, which has remained our hallmark for the past 45 years. The increasing volume of work can be handled to our clients' satisfaction only with a matching increase in our resources, both human and material.


Heading a team of 86 Staff Members in Islamabad. He started his advertising career 13 years ago, on retirement from the Defence Services. Possesses vast experience in public relations, protocol and advertising.

Holds an honours degree of his field and enjoys tremendous respect and confidence of all his clients in the public as well as private sector. Has handled a vast and diverse range of clients personally as client service executive and knows the nitty gritty of the business.


To control the deforestation in the scenic Galliat around Ayubia, Shell Pakistan has launched an initiative to attract the local population to use LPG instead of firewood.

The Nazim, Abbottabad District and External Affairs Director of Shell Pakistan, Mr. Saleemuddin Ahmed inaugurated this initiative at Kalabagh Bazaar Retail Center.

Under this program Shell will subsidize the equipment cost of LPG for 150 local households in the first phase. This program will gradually be extended to approximately 3500 households in the surrounding area.




LG Electronics has launched its range of state-of-the-art home networked products into the Middle East and Africa making it the first consumer electronics company to make networked home appliances a reality in the region.

"LG has taken a bold step in bringing the future of living standards to the Middle East and Africa today," said Mr. M. B. Shin, President, LG Electronics Middle East & Africa Operations.


As part of the Teradata Speaker Program, NUST Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) in collaboration with Teradata, a division of NCR recently held a seminar on one of the emerging technologies "Integration of CRM with Call Centers" at HQ NUST Rawalpindi.

Mr Ashar Naseer, Senior PS Consultant, Teradata, a division of NCR was the guest speaker at the seminar, who gave a detailed insight into the call centers, giving a technical overview and infrastructure, followed by practical opportunities for its implementation.

Call Centers are typically a single point in an organization where its customers or partners can call for various reasons. The session was aimed at providing in depth background on call centers, their need in an organization and what to consider when deciding to set them up. The content was a blend of business drivers of call centers against technological features.

Faculty from NUST constituent colleges and senior students attended the seminar. Dr. Sajid Hussain Director General NIIT & NIMS inaugurated the ceremony and Dr. S.M.H Zaidi Head Of Academics NIIT awarded shield to the guest speaker.

As the IT industry of Pakistan has shown tremendous growth and potential over the past few years, NIIT and Teradata, a division of NCR have been playing their due share in this growth and contributed significantly through research and introduction of new technologies.


Allianz EFU, the specialized healthcare insurer in Pakistan recently signed a Group Health insurance agreement, to cover a thousand employees and dependents of Instaphone.

Allianz EFU products with its clarity and appeal in terms of providing services on international standards has obtained the confidence of the local market.

The growing trend amongst employees to appreciate the employers for acknowledging their needs and requirements makes health insurance now gain importance in the country.

Kevin O' Sullivan, the Chief Financial Officer at Instaphone, expressing pleasure and confidence, commented, " This agreement is in line with our initiatives to offer better healthcare facilities to our employees. With a highly focused health insurance partner like Allianz EFU, I am assured that Instaphone will get international standard service."

On this occasion, Allianz EFU's Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer stated, "We are delighted to be partners with Instaphone and are confident that the two companies will enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship. It is obvious that the company has a decisive management team."