June 30 - July 06, 2003  
ISSUE # 26  

Business entities who have deployed IT confirm that they are able to optimize cost, reduce wastage, serve their clients better and make timely decisions. They are able to serve their customers better. The ultimate benefit is improvement in profit margins and better return on investment. The savings made are far higher than the investments made in technology. However, a lot more has to be done to make use of IT in Pakistan's core industries.




Pakistan produces over one million tons of fine quality of mangoes but the export is hardly 50000 tons a year which is 5 per cent of the total produce. The export can be increased manifold if the government allows subsidy on freight charges. The cost of one kg of mango comes to Rs15 while the freight charges for one kg comes to Rs75. Mango and Kinno are the two major items of export regime in Pakistan but both are denied subsidy on freight charges.


The cement industry in Pakistan has an installed production capacity of 18 million tons per year. It is for the first time that capacity utilization has reached a level of around 80 per cent for the first time in Pakistan. The growing demand for cement both within the country as well as abroad may require for more cement units in future.