By Syed M. Aslam
June 16 - 22, 2003 



*** "82 million"

(Daily circulation of newspapers in China making its people the world's leading newspaper buyers)

*** "BILL'S STANDING in public opinion polls remained high. His standing with me had hit rock bottom... As a wife, I wanted to wring Bill's neck."

(Former First Lady and now a US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton expressing her feelings about her husband's infidelity during his stay at the White House in her memoir, Living History)

*** "WE HAVE AN ENEMY, for all its crudeness, that keeps adapting, keeps looking for our weaknesses, to try to exploit them."

(US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz calling for exploiting weaknesses of 'enemy' North Korea and matching it with similar moves)

*** "THE LOSS of $10 billion to Pakistan for its cooperation with the U.S. coalition in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan ... is totally baseless and unfounded."



(Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz rejecting contents of a report prepared by the US military which said that Pakistan's economy lost an estimated $ 10 billion during the Afghan war due to adverse impact on tourism, exports and foreign investment)

*** "WHY, in the land of the free, should 2 million men, women and children be locked up?"

(Director of International Centre for Prison Studies at the University of London, Andrew Coyle, commenting on a record 2 million people locked up in American jails and prisons)

*** "IT IS EXTRAORDINARY serious when you feel that you have been fed a lie for ulterior motives by the highest levels of Government."

(Britain's former International Development Secretary Claire Short accusing Prime Minister Tony Blair of 'duping' the nation over Iraq's WMDs to drive his country to war against Saddam Hussain. She resigned from the cabinet on the 12th of last month)

*** "IF YOUR prime minister recognises there is occupation, what do you expect people under occupation to do? To resist."

(Marwan Barghouti, leader of Palestinian uprising against the Jewish occupation, using Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon's words to justify his actions refusing to recognise the Israeli court which is hearing his case)

*** "I AM THINKING of thanking them for making me a celebrity; I am now known by most Americans... What [However] really upset me was the defamation of my country, France."

(French defence minister Michele Alliot Marie jokingly commenting about frequent personal attacks on her in the US media for her country's opposition to Iraq war)



*** "1.5 million"

(Number of Iraqis killed due directly to economic sanctions over nearly 13 years ended this year according to statistics compiled by UN aid agencies)

*** "THIS IS SOMETHING I really wanted, so that one day when my kids look back, they will say look what great-grandma did. They will say, 'If she did it at that age, I can do it too."

(Ninety-seven-year old great grandmother Gustava Bennett-Burrus expressing her joy for getting a high school diploma from a school in California)

*** ".... We were simply obeying their orders... It is very unfair on the part of such senior leaders like Advani to have a separate case going in a separate court while we are facing the brunt of the legal proceedings."

(One of the five militant Hindu activists accused with the demolition of the 16th century Babri Mosque in Ayodhya in 1992 saying that they were simply following orders given by Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani)

*** "HOW CAN EUROPEANS complain about American unilateralism when they don't have the military capability to be a strong partner? Only a Europe that is strong militarily will be listened to in Washington."

(Secretary General of Nato George Robertson criticising European members of the alliance for low defence budget)