By Syed M. Aslam
June 02 - 08, 2003 



*** "WHAT'S WRONG? Have you never seen a politician kissing a child before?"

(Captioned comment in a cartoon published by British newspaper The Independent depicting Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon butchering and chewing the head of a Palestinian child. UK press panel, Britain's Press Complaints Commission rejected the complaint submitted by Israel's embassy)

*** "THE NEW world order must be multi-polar. It must respect the interests of all and be built on a clear understanding of international rights."

(Russian President Vladimir Putin calling for the creation of a multi-polar world taking a swipe at the US decision to sidestep the UN to launch the Iraq war. He made the comments following talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Kremlin)

*** "WE BELIEVE that secret hearings are inconsistent with our constitutional system and that there must be scrutiny of the proceedings by the press and public."

(Lee Gelernt, the main attorney of the appeal filed by American Civil Liberties Union's Immigrants' Rights project, commenting on the rejection of the appeal by the US Supreme Court)

*** "IF THESE findings are true, then this is a significant breakthrough."

(Spokesman of Manila-based World Health Organisation cautiously welcoming the findings of research conducted by Hong Kong University which traces dreaded SARS to civet cat, a wild animal considered a delicacy in southern China)

*** "I CAN'T SAY whether it's a year, two years. I don't know. Anybody who says they know, they don't know."

(US Secretary of State Colin Powell saying that the US may withdraw from Iraq in a year or two adding that nobody really knows when it will leave)



*** "AT FIRST, we didn't know what kind of powder it was and we didn't waste time in having it analysed in safe location... The postal stamps showed the letter came from an Asian country."

(Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's national security advisor, Hani Al Hassan, revealing that Arafat escaped an anthrax assassination attempt in early May)

*** "THE AMERICAN people deserve to know the full and objective truth as best it can be determined. They and we still have not received that."

(Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman criticizing the White House for being 'far too stingy' in sharing information with the public about September 11 terror attacks)

*** "I AM SORRY your honours but I don't recognize the jurisdiction of this court over my cases... I am still the president of the Philippines, and therefore I am immune from any suit."

*** "THE UNITED STATES is imposing its national policies on others and the implementation of sanctions is entirely unreasonable."

(Chinese foreign ministry criticizing the sanctions slapped on a major local company by the US accusing it of selling ballistic missile products to Iran)

*** "IMPOSSIBLE. I would absolutely continue in my role until the end of the legislature (in 2006)."

(Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi saying that he will not resign even if he is convicted at a trail where he is charged with corruption)

*** "THE PLANNING for peace was much less developed than the planning for war."

(Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar, expressing criticizing US post-war management in Iraq as inadequate)



*** "WAS I too young? For a newspaper reporter's job at a great newspaper, maybe not. Was I too young for a snake pit like that? Maybe. Anyone who tells you that my race didn't play a role in my career at The New York Times is lying to you."

(Former reporter of The New York Times Jayson Blair accusing the newspaper of racial discrimination against blacks for sacking him over fabricated top stories)

*** "A WAR that lacks legitimacy does not acquire legitimacy just because it has been won... The US has had to put a lot of water in its wine over the last 15 days at the UN."

(French President Jacques Chirac reiterating his stance against the US-led war in Iraq ahead of hosting the summit of the group of Eight world powers on June 1-3. US President George W. Bush will visit France for the first time since the Iraq conflict)