A chartered & recognized university with the largest network of campuses in Pakistan


May 26 - Jun 01, 2003



Preston, by all standards, is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in the private sector in Pakistan. Established in 1984, Preston today has the largest network of campuses in the country, with total enrollment exceeding 6000 students.

Keeping in line with the evolving technological advancements and requirements of the global business and national needs, Preston is offering high quality market-driven education in the fast-growing and ever-expanding fields of Business Administration, Information Technology, Textile Engineering, Engineering, Textile management and E-Business. Its nationwide network covers all the major cities of Pakistan, namely Kohat, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. It also has constituent campuses at Karachi and Hyderabad, operating under the aegis of Preston Institute of Management, Science & Technology (PIMSAT), Karachi chartered by the Government of Sindh (vide Ordinance No. XXVI of 2001) in July 2001.


Preston is committed to providing university education of the highest quality to prepare students for professional and managerial positions. Its mission is to provide students the opportunity for personal growth and development, skill enhancement, or professional career advancement through provision of high quality education.


The program strategy of Preston University is to provide higher education opportunities of the highest quality at a reasonable and affordable cost.


The Government of NWFP, in November 2002, promulgated an Ordinance (NWFP Ordinance No. LII of 2002) for the establishment of Preston University at Kohat-NWFP, as a full-fledged degree awarding institution of higher learning, in the private sector. The university charter conferred on Preston by the government of NWFP, is indeed yet another remarkable milestone achieved by it since its establishment in 1984.




The Kohat (Main) campus of Preston University is temporarily located in a purpose-built building of (former) Degree College No. 2, KDA, Kohat. It consists of 10 spacious classrooms, a well-equipped library, a computer lab with state-of-the-art computer hardware, and an upcoming state-of-the-art electronic and telecom engineering lab. Modern audiovisual aids, including video equipment multimedia projectors, and overhead projectors are available to the faculty for use in the classrooms. The students are also provided access to these facilities to make presentations on their research projects and term papers. It also has hostel facilities with accommodation for 30 students. The university is in the process of purchasing 12 acres of land situated close to its existing campus, for the construction of its permanent campus. Construction of the university's permanent campus at Kohat is expected to be undertaken in due course of time.

Preston's self-owned custom-built campus in Islamabad that was formally inaugurated on January 4, 2002 by the then acting President of Pakistan, Mr. Justice Irshad Hasan Khan, possesses some outstanding features that perfectly meet all the requirements of an educational institution of high standard. The Islamabad campus of Preston houses 13 spacious and well-furnished class rooms, a large seminar room, 3 computer labs equipped with latest state-of-the-art computer technology, a fairly large cafeteria, and a large and very well-documented library consisting of thousands of latest text and reference books.

The other campuses of Preston too have extensive academic facilities including classrooms, computer labs, libraries and abundant space for administrative and teaching staff, common areas for students, cafeteria etc. All classrooms and major facilities are fully air-conditioned. In all these campuses too, modern audiovisual aids, including video equipment multimedia projectors, and overhead projectors are available to the faculty for use in the classrooms. The students are also provided access to these facilities to make presentations on their research projects and term papers.




Each Preston campus in Pakistan has its own library facility stocked with latest editions of leading textbooks, reference books, periodicals, journals, videos, audio cassettes, and CDs. The total holdings exceed 60,000 volumes. Books and journals are continuously added to the library collections. Online research facilities are an integral part of the library services offered by it.


Each one of Preston campuses in Pakistan has its own in-house computer facility comprising of Pentium-based microcomputers, workstations and powerful servers, providing support in a variety of networking environments.

The computer labs also include a variety of hardware and peripherals and are supported by a large stock of applications software. In most Preston campuses, there are three computer labs available for lab work. Computer labs provide Internet access to both faculty and students.


Fully equipped engineering labs and basic science labs are being setup at the campuses where engineering and technology courses are offered. For the benefit of its students, Preston has also made collaborative arrangements with outside lab facilities functioning under the aegis of different public and private sector institutions and industrial units.


Preston provides a variety of financial assistance, according to the needs of the students who are unable to meet the full cost of their education. It also provides a specific scholarship (25% on admission fee and monthly tuition fee) to serving or retired military' personnel belonging to Pakistan's Armed Forces or the Police Department, and to their sons, daughters, or spouses. Scholarships are also provided to Government employees and Journalists and their sons and daughters enrolling in Preston's academic programs.

All scholarships are provided after an assessment based on the needs and merit of the applicant. No candidate can claim automatic award of scholarship on any basis. Scholarship once awarded to a student may be cancelled if the student is unable to maintain satisfactory academic performance. Scholarship applications must be submitted on prescribed forms on or before the deadline for submission of application for admission.




Preston lays a great emphasis on the placement of its graduates. Career counseling is provided throughout the time a student is enrolled at Preston. Every effort is made to help the student select the most appropriate fields of study for his or her future career, and to develop his or her personal and professional skills to the maximum extent possible. This ensures that upon graduation a student is not only equipped with necessary skills but also possesses the confidence required to enter the real world of modern business, industry or government. The individual development of each student at Preston enhances the job potential of its graduates. That is precisely the reason why our graduates have no difficulty in getting good jobs immediately after graduating. Some outstanding students, in their final semesters, are able to get job offers even before they graduate. Research conducted by Preston has shown that its graduates continue to maintain one of the highest median starting salaries as compared to graduates of other universities in Pakistan.

The students are appropriately advised on how to conduct the job search, locate potential employers, obtain an interview, and make a winning presentation at a job interview. The placement office provides full support for helping students in identifying suitable internships and job placements.