By Syed M. Aslam
May 26 - Jun 01, 2003 



*** "TODAY, WE ARE ACTING to save billions of lives and protect people's health for generations to come. This is an historic moment."

(Director General of UN health agency WHO, Gro Harlem Brundtland, on the adopting of treaty against smoking by over 190 member nations. Some 4.9 million people die each year from smoking related diseases in the world and the toll is feared to exceed 10 million by 2020, with 70 per cent of the victims in the developing world)

*** "OUR COSTLY and destructive bunker-busting attack on Iraq seems to have proven... precisely the opposite of what was the urgent reason to go in. This house of cards built of deceit will fall."

(US Senator Robert Byrd's scathing denunciation of White House over the Iraq invasion saying that Iraq posed no immediate threat to his country)

*** "I WOULD LOVE to start a Free American campaign because we have just had a Free Iraq campaign."

(Danish Director Lars von Trier who is a favourite to win the Palme D'or award at the prestigious Cannes film festival for his film 'Dogville' which is seen by US critics as an indictment of everything their country now represents)

*** "A CAREER in music is a road that's constantly under construction. Mine was paved with passion, ambition and a series of extremely lucky mistakes."

(Member of famous US music group Aerosmith, Steven Taylor, after receiving an honourary doctorate in music from Boston's Berklee College of Music)



*** "HE WANTED material things not me. My message to all girls is if they ask for dowry, don't give it and don't marry the man."

(Would be New Delhi bride Nisha Sharma who called off her wedding ceremony minutes before it was to be solemnized refusing to give in to dowry demands by her would-be husband and in-laws)

*** "AL JAZEERA is proof this monopoly can be broken and that there is a real demand for news that is not Anglo-American."

(Findings of a report calling for 24-hour international French television news network to compete head on with CNN and BBC. A cross-party commission of French members of parliament has voted unanimously to approve the report)

*** "$ 10 billion"

(Cost of the complex planned at the site of the World Trade Centre destroyed in the 11.9 attacks)

*** "IN A COUR ROOM in the presence of press reporters and cricket fans it will be wonderful to reveal some startling aspects of PCB functionaries which are not yet known to the nation."

(Former secretary of the then Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan, Rafi Nasim, refusing to tender an apology to Pakistan Cricket Board for allegedly tarnishing the reputation of its chairman including calling him a 'dictator.' PCB has issued a legal notice claiming damages worth Rs 50 million)

*** "WE KNOW that we were doing something a little bit bold. It certainly did not occur to me that it would catch the imagination of the American public."

(Councilman Dave Merve of Arcata city, California which has passed an ordinance that makes it compliance with USA Patriot Act legislation of the federal government a criminal offence. The Act gives the government new powers to use wiretaps, electronic surveillance and other information gathering on powers suspected of terrorism)

*** "NEW ZEALAND DRIVERS are very, very bad drivers and also very dangerous because they don't think all the time."



(Italian ambassador to New Zealand Roberto Palmieri's outburst against local drivers after several of them reported him to police for speeding and dangerous driving. He claimed diplomatic immunity from the charges)

*** "IT IS A STUDY. It is nothing more and nothing less. And it is not pursuing. And it is not developing. It is not building. It is not manufacturing. And it's not deploying. And it is not using."

(US Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld strongly denying that the approval of lifting the decade-old ban on research into small nuclear weapons would result in developing new tactical nuclear weapons)