By Syed M. Aslam
May 05 - 18, 2003



*** "IRAQ WAS INVADED and it is now under occupation. No matter what the people of Iraq say, the reality is that it is currently under occupation... This war was not necessary. It was not legitimate."

(UN special envoy to Afghanistan Lakhdar Brahimi's scathing comment on Iraq war in an interview given to India's national Doordarshan television)

*** "400 tons"

(Quantity of mustard gas destroyed by Russia, world's largest possessor of the chemical weapon. Russia possesses over 40,000 tons of various deadly chemical agents)

*** "I DON'T THINK we will find anything. Inspectors did not discover anything and I don't think we will."

(US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld saying that Washington is not going to find the WMDs in Iraq)

*** "WITH THIS WAR against international law, the United States has set a devastating example for future world powers. Make no mistake the normative authority of the United States lies in ruins."

(Imminent German philosopher Juergen Habermas saying that Iraq war has eroded the US authority as America has abandoned its role "as a force for guaranteeing international law in an article written in a Frankfurt daily)

*** "THE ISRAELI OCCUPATION must end, then there will be no need to maintain the resistance organizations."

(Syrian Foreign Minister Faruq al Shara rejecting inspections of its military arsenal adding that his country favours the no-WMDs regime across the board not only in the Middle East but also across the world)

*** "THE AMERICANS were perfectly capable of bringing us tanks and bombs, so why not new broadcasting equipment for television and radio?"



(An unnamed Iraqi journalist saying that the media needed just about everything because what was left undestroyed in the bombings was looted after the fall of Baghdad)

*** "AMERICAN, BRITISH AND MONACO forces land in France. Chirac calls for resistance and disappears ... Pro-American uprising on Left Bank in Paris."

(Paris newspaper The Monde playing a spoof reporting a US-led invasion to topple President Jacques. The satirical reporting was aimed at highlighting Washington's threat to punish France for opposing the war in Iraq)

*** "Rs 39 billion"

(Amount earned by Privatization Commission from selling 30 industrial/commercial public sector organizations since January 1999 to date)

*** "$ 503.106 million [Apprx. Rs 29 billion] "

(Sum remitted out of the country during the last three years by 69 multinational companies as profit/dividend)

*** "WERE IT NOT for your active involvement, it's safe to say my brother would not be president of the United States."

(Brother of US president Bush and Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, thanking the pro-gun lobby National Rifle Association for helping elect his brother in election 2000)

*** "A TRADE BOYCOTT against us or Germany cannot work... When someone defends just ideas, he should not fear any party."

(French Defence Minister Michelle Alliot-Marie shrugging off boycott of French products saying that it would affect others too)

*** "WHEN THE DUST is settled in Iraq, military historians will study this war. They will examine the unprecedented combination of power, precision, speed, flexibility and I would also add compassion that was employed."

(US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld congratulating top military commanders for freeing the Iraqi people from 'oppression' and praising them for their 'compassion' for the civilian population)

*** "THE CENTRAL PEOPLE'S Bank of China was putting more new cash into circulation and holding used banknotes for 24 hours before putting it back into people's hands."

(Beijing's newspaper People's Daily informing its readers that the Chinese government is quarantining used cash to ensure it doesn't become a source of deadly SARS virus. The dreaded disease has killed 148 people and infected over 3,300 people in China, the biggest victim of the virus in the world)