By Syed M. Aslam
April 28 -May 04, 2003



*** "NOW IRAQ is under an occupying power and any request for lifting sanctions must come when there is a legitimate government which represents the people."

(Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal demanding that UN sanctions against Iraq should end only when it has a legitimate government. The foreign ministers of 8 countries bordering Iraq met in Riyadh and called for pulling out of American and British troops from Iraq)

*** "I WILL ADDRESS only a civilized assembly because I do not want the world to develop the perception that we are not civilized (people)."

(President Pervez Musharraf saying that he would not address the joint session of National Assembly and Senate amidst thunderous protests by the opposition parties over Legal Framework Order, the amendments made by the present government in the Constitution)

*** "FRANCE AND A VERY large majority of the international community has acted throughout the Iraq crisis in accordance with its conviction and principle to defend international law. France will continue to do this in all circumstances."

(French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin rejecting US Secretary of State Colin Powell's statement that France would be punished for opposing the invasion of Iraq)

*** "THE ERROR was entirely unintentional and wasn't intended to make any implications concerning anyone in Malaysia."

(Asian Wall Street Journal newspaper's publishing a correction over identifying the picture of a top terrorist suspect as "Mahathir Muhammad" the Prime Minister of Malaysia)



*** "THEY DON'T respect anything.. our land.. our people... Our silence won't last... Who are these people from outside? A five-star opposition made in the US?"

(Some of the hundreds of Iraqis worshippers at Abu Hanifa mosque, which was shelled by the US forces, denouncing US occupation and demanding withdrawal of allied troops from their country)

*** "PERSONALLY I was shocked while in the United States by how unquestioning the broadcast news media was during this war... If Iraq proved anything, it was that the BBC cannot afford to mix patriotism and journalism..."

(Head of British Broadcasting Corporation Greg Dyke expressing shock at the lack of impartiality of the US media during the Iraq war)

*** "IT'S NICE to know someone who is millionaire but I don't want anything from him."

(First wife of the Newcastle, UK cab driver refusing to share even a penny of Pound Sterling 14.2 million lottery winning saying she is content to live on her dresser's salary)

*** "... and their followers invade even an inch of our inviolable sky, land and seas despite our serious warning, our people's army will deal merciless deadly blows at the aggressors and win a final victory..."

(North Korean Minister of the People's Armed Forces Kil Il-Chol vowing to deliver "merciless deadly blows" to any aggression)

*** "WE'VE SPENT MONEY like drunken sailors. [The Congress] does not make hard decisions. This place just continues to say 'yes' without any consideration to the next generation."

(George Voinovich, a Senator belonging to ruling Republican party, criticizing massive tax cuts of $ 726 billion over the next decade proposed by President George W. Bush)

*** "108,000"



(Number of jobs slashed by US companies in March amidst the launching of Iraq invasion)

*** "THIS IS MY FACE. I won support from voters with this face, and to take it off would be breaking promises."

(Japanese professional wrestler, "The Great Sasuke", vowing not to take off his trademark black and white full-face mask after winning local assembly elections under his ring name and face mask)

*** "INDIA CANNOT AFFORD to have so many holidays and non-working days. The government should refrain itself from declaring national and bank holidays."

(President of All Indian Association of Industries, Vijay Kalantri, calling for limiting the number of holidays from current 28 each of which costs the country around Rs 250 million)