Mar 24 - 30, 2003



From your daily wakeup routine till drop in to the bed will be digitized in near future, the future will be truly digital and the way you do the shopping will be change completely from scratch

What I am thinking at the moment is that how can we cope up with these things and how they going to be in the pocket of ordinary man, recently Dell announced of a pocket pc which is very cheap as compare to the current market of PDAs and the announcement of TabletPC by Microsoft also going to change the way you use your laptop at the moment. Though it is costly, but as More's law is still applicable so the prices will go down and the power of computer chip going to be increase day by day and year after year.

Now as a developer, or business enthusiastic about this next generation technology I know it is time to change our technology focus on one step ahead as far as my experience I enjoy the programming in .NET, it give me so far the power that can help me out to develop the software for the next generation technology

The revolutionary steps by the giants that is XML Webs Services make this thing possible to integrate with different devices and make it more personal, just like your own driving license or your National ID Card.

What kind of development possible? Thousand or might be millions or as an optimistic more than billions. From your personal event reminder to your personal stock quote ticker.

Let me briefly give you the detail on possibility of what can be done with this vision.


Why I start from this vision? Believe me in very near future all of you people will be able to handle loads of stuff in your palm size devices. Let's imagine your living room (with Desi style), oh we got TV there and then we have our own room sometime and sometime we share with our brother or sister. Now I have a computer suppose in the living room, I want to check my email and all these stuff, well so far it is done with our Desktop PC okay that is nothing new, what if your mother is yelling on your younger brother or sister, and you want to write an important email? Hmmm trouble full isn't it? Disturbing you? Isn't it? Yes it is!!! Now with new technology recently introduce at Comdex 2002 Fall is the Smart Display, in very simple words I can say Mobile Monitor the monitor that you can grab it in your hand and runaway to your room and then just start writing the email using the Digital Ink, and most of all peace of mind. Because you are in your room and this device is work just like your monitor and you can tap the information and browse anything you like to do using the Pen (a.k.a. Stylus). It is just an example of how it gonna impact on our life.

Now come to work and see what we sometime miss? Okay there are two or three solutions for us, Laptop, TabletPC and Smart Display, you got an email from your Manager and they ask you be prepare for the meeting at 3pm and for this you must be prepared for each and everything like what is the agenda (if your manager is really a Manager then he never forget to tell you about the Agenda with the email he sent you for meeting), at 3pm you are in the conference room and taking notes on piece of paper? Oh come on, be smart and mature, take them on TabletPC or on Smart Display, they both have the capability to catch your writing, so you can now easily grab the note on your TabletPC and Smart Display and then easily work with your colleagues, no need to mess up with papers and asking for hey tum nay kia bola tha us meeting may?

Now this is what we do right? What you people saying you want more power? Sure thing, here it is one more idea for Enthusiastic People)

Lets imagine the future, what benefit you are looking from your mobility by using Wiz Gadgets (a.k.a. Mobile Devices, including Pocket PC, PDAs, TabletPCs etc.). Okay today is the Friday night, and you got a call from your friend, asking you to hang out you guys/gals go out for some nice dinner or hanging out at Burns road, well what if there was a deal at the snack shop and they were advertising in front of their shop using the Classic Advertisement way that is having some banners here are there around or bit far from his shop, and you just missed the best deal, now what? Now take this idea in 2005, as you just arrive at Burns road, you got some beeps in your mobile phone or might be your PDA or might be it gonna be you're Smart Device. And you just read the text message that says Dehli kay mashoor dahee baray, buy 2 plates get 1 free now imagine this, how easily you can enjoy the digital decade that is ahead of us now, and we just see those Wiz Gadgets are start coming out from the market.

What technology is available for doing these kind of magical stuff? Localized Services!!! If you know the WAP and if you read the GSM Network development guide on, then you realized that how to make it possible, and I can predict that in very near future specially in Pakistan we gonna see loads of things going to be happen very surely. But we need little bit effort from our government to encourage these kind of development, because the decade ahead going to be very serious for country like Pakistan, and only survival for those who are the very dead serious about the Information Technology.



Now few things about my Eid aftermath, I know it is again my story, I know you gonna bored again, but pardon me, I like to give you the insight of our Web Lifestyle (as per Bill Gates in his book Business @ The Speed of Thought). After having pictures of which I took on Eid ul Fitar day I decided to share them with my family in Pakistan and off course with friends. What I did is, I scan them all and upload them in my personal photo album at MSN Photos ( and then I click on the Share with Friend link and send email with the specific folder link that I want to share with my family & friends. The Photo Album at MSN is developed in ASP.NET using the System.Drawing class.


Though you might sniff it that I am only talking about the Microsoft stuff? Oh yeah, I am, and I am sorry for that you know why? Because I really like to do my programming and all those stuff in Microsoft technologies, I have few reasons, might be some of you agree with them or might be not, so please no offense.

Reason one is it is easy to use and easy to configure as compare to the other development platform. Reason two if I am targeting the Windows based user, then preferably the Microsoft product is good for it. Now the short comings SECURITY, hey yeah see the Project Manager is now yelling, well yes it is very true about their Security weakness, but so far as Microsoft getting mature in this area, they are now getting very serious about their products specially their upcoming Windows .NET 2003 Sever. One more shortcoming from Microsoft is the platform dependant development, so far as the news I read from and is that the CLR (Common Language Runtime) of .NET Framework was deployed on Linux based system, and now supporting C# this is done by third party, I not touch them yet, and I think I might do it in near future for my upcoming exciting projects, (shhh.. I can't tell you right now what are these, it is somewhat secret).

Currently the latest things available for mobile devices from Microsoft Camp is Visual Studio .NET 2003, though they just released the Final Beta version which contain the .NET Compact Framework Beta 2 and Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit for .NET included with this VS.NET 2003 (code name: . Everett). So we developers (usually those who are from Microsoft Camp) are already equipped with the tools and technologies that is the requirement of Wiz Gadgets.


What is the core requirement of Business? Integration with customers, channel partners/suppliers. The low development and operating cost, and most businesses looking to drive the sale as much as possible. ( There are loads of improvements in ASP.NET because of .NET Framework, TabletPC, and other Wiz Gadgets are now part of life at the moment I can say for Business People. As per our Desi perspective there are loads of business opportunity lies, because as per my experience in Silicon Valley I saw loads of desi business people, they go back and forth in Pakistan, India, and other South Asian countries and they need the tools that keep them up to date about their business. Our Desi stores in Silicon Valley are very popular and they need the up to date information for their valued customers.

The .NET Framework give them the power to create their Business Solutions in no time.


My personal experience and some business experience doing with those Desi using .NET Framework really shock me in the way that how our world going to be in next few year and more specifically our Lifestyle. The change is not so far, and I urge our Pakistani IT Organization to quickly jump in to this arena, to share the still growing industry that is IT with some new moves.

And don't forget to give me your feedback.

About the Author:

Mohammed Mudassir working in CyberAnt, the Developer as an Application Developer and currently working on's sister company's Website, you can reach me on email: or phone (408) 509-3505