By Syed M. Aslam
Mar 17 - 23, 2003



*** "OUR APPARENT DETERMINATION to launch a war against Iraq, without international support, is a violation of these premises."

(Noble Peace Prize winner and former US president Jimmy Carter criticizing US war plans calling the "unjust and unethical")

*** "THE EMOTIONS surrounding the 11th have been hijacked by this administration for their own agenda... TV has turned into a PR firm for the administration. So a lot of Americans don't have the information to make the decision."

(Oscar winning Hollywood star, Susan Sarandon, criticizing the administration and media for creating war mania in the US)

*** "ON THE WHOLE, the events of September 11 cost Pakistan about $ 2 billion."

(Former finance minister and financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, informing the parliament of the financial impact of Afghan war)

*** "SEND YOUR TROOPS home and take me instead, on behalf of everyone who does not want war and oppression."

(New Zealand woman Mary Grierson asking US president Bush to crucify her live on television so that he gets a hands-on experience of the pain and suffering war with Iraq would cause)

*** "... I was confronted by two security guards and ordered to either take off the T-shirt or leave the mall."



(New York lawyer Stephen Downs narrating his arrest following his refusal to take off a T-shirt bearing the words "Give Peace A Chance" at a local mall)

*** "I DON'T WANT to die twice. By resuscitating me, they would be bringing me back from the dead only to have to go through it again."

(Eighty-five-year-old British widow Frances who has tattooed the words "Don Not Resuscitate" on her upper body so as not be resuscitated against her will by doctors)

*** "KIM JONG-Il's GOAL is not a peace treaty, not diplomatic relations with the U.S., not economic compensation from the U.S., no. Kim Jong-Il's purpose is the neutralization of the American factor, the eventual pullout of American forces from Korea."

(Kim Myong-Chol, a respected North Korean defence analyst and known as the 'unofficial spokesman' of North Korea, saying that the leader of North Korea wants the reunification of the two Koreas more than anything else. He was speaking to the Foreign Correspondents club in Tokyo)

*** "THERE ARE THREE KINDS OF LIES lies, damned lies and statistics. And statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive and what they conceal is vital."

(Veteran Congress party leader V. Purushottam Reddy erroneously quoting former British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli in the Andhara legislative assembly India. The remarks, actually made by American writer Aaron Levenstein, angered his fellow legislators many of them asked him to withdraw his words or expunge them from the records)

*** "IT WAS THE RAIN dripping from pine trees with monkeys playing on the branches. It was love at first sight."

(Afghan President Hamid Karzai talking nostalgically about his student years in the Indian summer-capital of Shimla. He visited the city to pick up a doctorate from his alma mater)

*** "IN THE FACE of political threats and aggression from abroad, our determination to defend our homeland and socialism will never be weakened in the slightest."

(Cuban President Fidel Castro threatening to close the US diplomatic mission in Havana calling it 'a breeding ground for his opponents)

*** "43 per cent"

(Findings of poll showing that most Russians, 43 per cent, believe that a woman's place is in the home, a far cry from the Soviet-era view that her place was in the factory floor or behind the wheel of a tractor)

*** "MY SON was excluded for one day as the result of an incident where he swore at a member of the ground staff who confiscated his football."



(Statement issued by British Education Secretary Charles Clarke about suspension of his son for swearing at school official)