120 DAYS

Mar 17 - Mar 23, 2003  
ISSUE # 11  

A 12 paisa relief in electricity tariff, a poverty alleviation plan to disburse Rs 2,500 a year to 2.5 million families and a plan to set up model towns for the low-income group are the three prominent features of the Jamali government during its 120 days in power. PAGE highlights the expectations of the people with the restoration of democracy and stresses the need for work instead of words to restore the credibility of the politics and parliamentarians by the first Graduate assemblies and Senate.





Hand-knotted rugs, which have earned a respectable place in the export sphere of Pakistan, may get a push with the decision taken by the US authorities to eliminate duty on carpets from Pakistan. The decision may help capturing 5-6 per cent additional market in the United States.


Noticeable increase in consumption of cotton from 9 to over 12 million bales by the local textile industry and a worldwide decline in cotton production have resulted in a sharp increase in the yarn prices in the local market. However, the overall textile exports have registered an unprecedented growth and total textile exports are likely to cross the mark of $6 billion at the end of the current financial year.