Mar 17 - 23, 2003 




Thal Engineering is the youngest company of House of Habib (HOH). In bare seven-year period, we have dreamt a lot and achieved even more. We could have, but never took credit of our association with this prestigious group of Pakistan, rather, we believe in becoming the prestige of this group.
Thal Engineering is engaged in manufacturing of auto-airconditioners and wiring harness for automobiles being manufactured in Pakistan. It has technical assistance agreement with M/s Denso



Corporation Japan for airconditions and heater/blower units and with M/s Furukawa Japan for wiring harness. Both of these companies are amongst the leading players in the world market.

Thal Engineering has come up as a major supplier of parts to the top automobile companies in Pakistan namely M/s Pak Suzuki Motor Co. and M/s Indus Motor Co.

Thal Engineering offers "total solutions" to customers. We offer products, parts, services and training, packaged in unique lasting relationship, at customer's doorsteps. This concept remains the touchstone of whatever we do.

We have truly made our services flexible, keeping in view the customer's convenience, preferences and satisfaction. We have set up Denso Aircon Centre in Karachi, maintain an effective 3S and 2S dealer network throughout Pakistan and offer unprecedented convenience to our customers of having A/C sets installed at their premises.


Service to community and mother earth is one of our guiding principles of management. One important goal of our company is to minimize accidents and emissions. We do not just make claims but practically contribute by using R-134a as refrigerant gas in our A/Cs which does not harm the environment and the Ozone layer, unlike the R-12 gas. We also have planted hundreds of trees that will further the green revolution. In a small way, this is our contribution to a greener and longer living world


Our mission is to earn recognition as a world class auto parts manufacturer, producing parts with high entry barriers, primarily for OEM market.

It is our strategy to introduce one new product or do business with one new client or enter one new market every year.




Assure products and services of the quality that the customers desire, every time through a superior effort at anything that we do.


Right from the inception of this company, we developed systems and work procedures that were in line with the pre-requisites of ISO certification. With confidence in our existing system, the decision to go for the ISO certification was nothing more than seeking a confirmation which took only a few months to happen.

Thal Engineering is the first and the only company manufacturing auto-airconditioners in Pakistan to have achieved ISO 9002 & 14001 certification.


Our culture is evolving, based on the following values that we live and cherish.

* Caring for people and things
* Risk taking and rewarding
* Deliver more than promised
* Trusting
* Responsive
* Getting the job done
* Intimate with customers; support suppliers
* Fairness in all dealings
* Adaptive and Flexible
* Feeling free


Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd & Bolan Bank Ltd., entered into an agreement after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at MCB Principal Office, Karachi for MCB M-NET Switch to share MCB's largest ATM Network throughout the country. A mutual beneficial alliance for the customers of Bolan Bank to use ATM facilities offered by MCB and other M-NET Partner Banks.

On behalf of the two M-NET Partner Banks, Mr. Mohammed Aftab Manzoor, President/CEO, MCB and Mr. Azizullah Memon, President & CEO, Bolan Bank signed the MoU. Also present among other team members, Mr. Ali Muneer, SEVP, MCB & Moazzam Khan, SEVP, Bolan Bank.