Mar 10 - Mar 16, 2003  
ISSUE # 10  

Consumer financing is a huge but untapped market in Pakistan. Lately, most of the commercial banks have entered into this line of business by entering into co-branding agreements with manufacturers and vendors. While this may help in improving the standard of life of people, it also can also help the financial institutions in improving their bottom line in the declining interest rate scenario.






A number of factors, internal as well as external, are feared to restrict the growth of Pakistani insurance industry. The industry already reeling from unethical undercutting within and operating without terrorism cover not available at any price by the foreign re-insurers is bracing itself to lose a sizeable business to foreign insurance companies operating in the country.


A process of rethinking has developed in the relevant circles about the Privatization of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) in view of the huge profits shown by the company last year. In the year 2002 the PTCL contributed Rs.19.5 billion in the form of annual profits to the national exchequer besides its tax payments of Rs.12 billion. According to a school of thought its makes no sense to sell PTCL in the present context.