Mar 03 - 09, 2003 




Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting (SRBC) Co. Ltd. is a public limited company incorporated in 1974. Authorized share capital of the company is Rs. 60.00 million. The paidup capital is Rs. 54.90 million. Four Government Corporations owns a total of 56.83%. PTV 30.60 %, PBC 19.67 %, NAFDEC 4.37 %, PNCA 2.19 %. 95 individuals from the private sector (mostly from the entertainment industry) own 43.17 %.



The company commenced its commercial activity in 1976 with the manufacturing and marketing of gramophone records and pre-recorded audiocassettes from its industrial units at Islamabad. SRBC has the honour of releasing the Holy Quran recordings on gramophone records and audiocassettes for the first time in Euro-Asia. The manufacturing of gramophone records was given up in 1978 due to change in the market demand. In 1983, the Company added pre-recorded videocassettes in its commercial activity.

In 1989, the company created a wholly owned subsidiary People's Television Network (PTN). In 1990, the Government of Pakistan permitted to establish TV stations in Pakistan. PTN was later amalgamated with Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Co. and call sign changed to Shalimar Television Network (STN).

The first semi-private TV channel initiated first time in Pakistan 24-hour broadcasting from Islamabad in 1990. Twelve STN television stations are presently broadcasting round-the-clock from the urban centers of Pakistan namely Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Larkana, Hyderabad, Bahawalpur, Multan, Daska and Sukkur. STN's collective reach is up to 36 % population and 30 % households of Pakistan.

In addition to television broadcasting, Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Co. is providing following services:

*TELE TEXT: First time in Pakistan, valuable information including live trading at Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges are available on STN screens at Karachi and Lahore.

*FILM TRANSFERRING: Feature films on celluloid format are transferred to magnetic tape format at STN Lahore.

*LICENSING: SRBC repertoire is licensed for production and sale on compact disc / cassettes.



*TRANSMISSION TOWER SPACE: Tower space at the station is rented out to other users.

*STUDIOS: The video and audio studios in Islamabad are hired out for production of programmes.

The Board of Directors is the highest decision making body of the company. Presently there are 10 members. Three are nominated by PTV, while PBC nominate Two (By virtue of they are having 50 % of shares). Four members are elected from the private shareholders for a period of three years. The Managing Director & CEO of the company is the tenth member, the members from within the Board elect Chairman.

The company is actively participating in the international theatre, to keep Pakistan and SRBC's image high amongst the global broadcasters.

In 2000, STN-Pakistan was re-elected to the Administrative Council (Board of Directors) of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union ABU. The union has 102 members in 51 countries.

SRBC also became a member of Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development AIBD. It serves the countries of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in the development of upgrading of broadcasting infrastructures.

Thirty employees have acquired essential computer training, two have been educated in advanced computer programming. Efforts are underway to equip all the departments with computers and qualified IT personnel.

The Asia-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development (AIBD) has trained a team of engineers in " training the trainers."

The launch of satellite broadcasting and cablecasting in Pakistan has ceased the monopoly of terrestrial broadcasters. But it is succeeding to move forward and prosper even in the face of unfavorable winds.


Unilever Pakistan Limited has recently launched a Mega Consumer Promotion "Gumshuda Chabi Ki Talash" for Broke Bond Supreme the largest selling tea brand in Pakistan. The scheme has gained immense popularity throughout Pakistan due to its novelty and unusual Mega Prizes.

The response to the scheme has been overwhelming and entries received for the first draw were 300,000 plus. Whereas the entries for 2nd draw are more than 800,000, the second draw was held at Lever Raabta on February 21, 2003. The lucky winner for a new Toyota Corolla 1600cc was Mr. Muhammad Iqbal S/o Ghulam Sarwar of District Attok. Mr. Mujahid Baralvi was the chief guest and Mr Qashif Effendi, Sr. Brand Manager and Ms. Rahat Junejo, Assistant Brand Manager, Brooke Bond Supreme were also present at the occasion.




Ticino will be tempting passengers with traditional dishes and rich wines. In the period from March 5 to June 3, SWISS clients will relish southern influence of the Ticino cuisine.

Ticino, the southernmost Swiss Canton, stands out by virtue of its cultural and culinary customs. The influence of the Italian neighbours, like the mild, sunny climate, leave their mark, not only on the land and its people, but also, to a large extent, on its gastronomy.

The two internationally renowned top chefs Othmar Schlegel, from Castello del Sole in Ascona and Dario Ranza from Principe Leopoldo in Lugano, incorporate in their gourmet creations traditional Swiss cuisine with the southern touch. Thus it is that the mouth already waters when reading the menu. Artichoke hearts, candied olives and tomatoes with a herb vinaigrette, together with roast breast of young chicken alla Maggia with mascarpone, served on a risotto pancake with olive oil-braised onions.


Saudi Pak Commercial Bank has entered the second year of operation with a fresh look and identity. The steps initiated by the management have shown distinct signs of improvement all around in operations. The new corporate identity of the Bank conveys vision of vitality, dynamism and promises its customers a culture of efficient, prompt and judicious service.

The vision is of a modern, dynamic and premier service oriented institution. Towards this end, the mission of the Bank is to turnaround into a leading commercial bank by ensuring transparency, promoting technology, improving quality of human resource, providing premium services to customers, and adding value for all stakeholders.

The Bank has reorganized and strengthened its business functions with specific attention to penetrate in key markets through branch expansion and business diversification, establishment of new ventures and strategic alliances, launching of innovative products and improving customer service.

Measures to improve operational efficiency include strengthening of internal controls, introduction of budgetary controls, elimination of wasteful expenditure, reduction in costs and restructuring of the human resource base. The existing technology infrastructure is being developed and upgraded in line with global technological advancements. A rigorous campaign initiated for the recovery of stuck up and nonperforming loans has started to yield results.

During the year 2002, the branch network was strengthened with 8 new branches. The network covers all major cities throughout Pakistan and are positioned to handle large volumes of import and export business.

The public has reposed increased confidence in the bank as is evident from the rapid increase in the deposit base which has already crossed Rs. 12 billion. The asset base of the Bank also stands close to Rs. 20 billion.

The Bank stands poised to establish its position as a premier, modern and technology oriented bank with the sound backing of Saudi Pak and co-operation from associate group who have their own standing in the community of industrialists helping build image of Pakistani products abroad.



The challenge accepted by the new management to turn around a fragile and weak institution into a strong and healthy bank has begun to yield results. From its present position of strength and steady growth the Bank offers promise and hope to its shareholders and stakeholders in the years ahead.


Dubai's Emirates Airline, which starts services to and from North America next spring, has won a major award from a top US aviation magazine.

Air Transport World honoured the fast-growing international carrier with the "Passenger Service Airline of the Year" award at the 29th Annual Airline Achievement Awards Dinner at Washington's Capital Hilton Hotel. Emirates SkyCargo also won a silver award for corporate advertising.

Jay Donoghue, ATW's editorial director, said: "Emirates is entering the US market with top marks for excellence and worldwide recognition. This honour, not necessarily given annually, is awarded only when it is truly deserved.

"US travellers between Dubai and North America will soon have the opportunity to learn what we at ATW have determined: Emirates is one world-class airline," Mr. Donoghue said.

Emirates will launch services between the US and Dubai in 2004, and had previously won the same award in 1992. It won again this year for delivering top quality standards to passengers in all classes of service.

The award, one of the aviation industry's most highly-respected honours, reflects Emirates' reputation among frequent international flyers as a leader in in-flight luxury, comfort and safety.