By Syed M. Aslam
Feb 24 - Mar 02, 2003



*** "IT'S NOT A GAME, and it's not over."

(French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin rebutting US President George W. Bush's 'The game is over' remark about Iraq)

*** "WE ARE DOING this for one reason only: to harm the German economy... The aim is to hit German trade and commerce..."

(Unnamed Pentagon officials talking about plans to impose sanctions on Germany for refusing to support US in its war on Iraq)

*** "... to arbitrary arrest American citizens, wiretap their telephones, rescind their citizenship and send them back to the countries of their origin."

(A new law proposed by US Attorney General John Ashcroft feared to adversely affect tens of thousands of Pakistanis and other immigrants living in the country, including those who already have acquired American citizenship)

*** "WHO WOULD WANT to hire a Nobel peace prize winner? They would not touch me."

(Nobel Peace prize winning laureate Betty Williams explaining why she never attempted to take up a career)

*** "OUR VICTORY is certain and the future even more radiant."



(North Korea state radio's defiant confidence of winning any nuclear war with the US)

*** "TONY BLAIR IS FINISHED because of his refusal to listen to over-whelming opposition to war in Iraq."

(Un-named member of parliament predicting that British Prime Minister Tony Blair would become a major victim of Iraq crisis if he blindly follows the US)

*** "I'M RUNNING for president because I'm tired of leadership that's left us isolated in the world and stranded here at home... Bush has taken up right back to the broken policies of the past, the economics of debt and regret- unaffordable tax cuts for the few, zero new jobs, surging unemployment."

(Democrat Richard Gephardt formally kicking off his 2004 presidential campaign by blasting President Bush's record on environment, energy, economy and foreign affairs

*** "I THINK Mr Powell presented proof on arms and arms programmes which Iraq had, I mean we're talking about programmes from the 1990s."

(An expert at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Jean-Pascal Zanders, calling the information presented by US Secretary of State Colin Powell outdated)

*** "SHE IS SERIOUSLY considering a suggestion that she travel to Iraq as a human shield against American attacks."

(Office of flamboyant ex-wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela, Winnie, talking about her desire to act as a human shield in Iraq)

*** "IT'S TIME that all recognize the responsibilities to help avoid unnecessary deaths and that means we've got to get an agreement for the trade round. Nobody can claim special interests or special privileges when people are dying unnecessarily."

(British Finance Minister Gordon Brown asking multinational drug companies to give poor countries better access to life-saving drugs. He stressed the need to find global pact as the US last year blocked World Trade Organisation proposals aimed at giving millions in the poor world access to affordable medicine)

*** "13.7 billion years"

(The age of universe determined with precision by US scientists using a robotic Nasa probe)



*** "WE ARE AN EMOTIONAL people, and after political discussions we are not very restrained. It's in the interest of our security."

(One of the Deputies in Georgia's parliament, Georgy Targamadze, welcoming the passing of a new law banning weapons in the parliament hall. Deputies and their private bodyguards must now check their weapons at the door of the parliament)

*** "BEFORE I DIDN'T CARE about living or dying. Now I recognize how beautiful life is. I love to have another day to pray to Allah... I'm not worried."

(Famed US rapper better known as Gangsta rapper Napoleon saying his trip to Mecca to perform Haj symbolizes his emergence from a world of drugs and violence. He converted to Islam two years ago in a North Hollywood recording studio)