Feb 24 - Mar 02, 2003 



Askari Commercial Bank signed an agreement with ABN AMRO Bank and ORIX Leasing Pakistan recently to join the Debit Card network, hence becoming the first partner bank to join the network. Since pioneering the product in October last year, ABN AMRO bank has been able to acquire approximately 10,000 card members and with Askari Bank joining the network, the total number of debit card plastics is expected to grow to 80,000 by end of June this year.



Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Naved A. Khan, CEO, ABN AMRO Bank, said "ABN AMRO took a huge initiative to design this product and bring in the technology with Orix Leasing and now with Askari Bank joining in, we will be able to bring more convenience to our consumers". Mr. Humayun Murad, CEO Orix Leasing added "Orix plays the role of a technological partner and provides the POS set-up to ABN AMRO and now Askari Bank". Mr. Kaleem-ur-Rehman, President Askari Commercial Bank, said "we feel that there is immense potential for Debit Card in the Pakistani market and it is a facility that will soon become a necessity for all financial institutions".

ABN AMRO Bank has always taken the initiative to launch products like Balance Transfer Facility and Debit Card, which are the first of its kind in Pakistan.


Yameen Kerai is taking up expanded responsibilities as Regional Chief Financial Officer-Asia Pacific, ABN AMRO N.V. His new appointment and promotion reaffirms ABN AMRO's commitment to individual career development and growth. Based in the Bankís Regional Office in Singapore, he will be responsible for all Network Finance matters relating to Wholesale Clients' Business in 13 Asia Pacific countries, reporting to the Global Head of Network Finance for Wholesale Clients' Business.

Yameen joined ABN AMRO Pakistan in 1995 as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer after careers in Finance and Public Accounting in London, Jeddah and Canada. His time with ABN AMRO Pakistan coincided with rapid growth of its customer base and the introduction of consumer banking products. To support this growth, Yameen was instrumental in improving the Bank's MIS and Reporting Systems and oversee the expansion of the Bank's physical and IT infrastructure.


Cricket fans inside and outside the air cargo industry will be bowled over. Emirates SkyCargo is carrying the ICC Cricket World Cup live on its website throughout the entire championship.



This will give anyone who accesses constant up-to-the-minute updates on every match being played from February 9 to March 23 — and much more besides.

PC users can keep their eye on the ball even while they work, thanks to a scorecard that can be downloaded at the click of a button from the website to the desktop.

All the information is fed to the Emirates SkyCargo website by, the leading cricket information provider on the Internet.

With its cargo consignments, Emirates SkyCargo aims at nothing less than a perfect delivery. The information that will be available from Emirates SkyCargo measures up with match schedules and fixture information, a live scorecard, a ball by ball commentary automatically updated every 60 seconds and group information,

That's not all. By filling in a simple e-form, cricket fans can enter a draw to win two Business Class tickets to any destination of their choice on the Emirates network.

"We think we have hit a sixer with our Cricket World Cup coverage," said Prakash Nair, Emirates' Cargo Marketing Manager.

Many of the Test-playing nations are on the Emirates network, which now includes 64 destinations in 45 countries. Emirates SkyCargo ensures delivery anywhere in the world with interline agreements, GSA representation and trucking systems in Europe, India and Australia.

The winner of numerous awards including four Cargo Airline of the Year (Air Cargo News) titles, Emirates SkyCargo has proved a market leader. Keeping cricket fans happy is the latest innovation. Expect more.


Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy Award-winning creator of "Toy Story" and "Monsters, Inc.," recently announced that it is working with Intel Corporation and RackSaver to create one of the most powerful computer installations ever used for digital animation.

Pixar's new RenderFarm, used to create the digital images for each frame of animation in its movies, will consist of 1024 Intel® XeonTM processors inside of eight new RackSaver BladeRack supercomputing clusters running Pixar's own RenderMan® software. The RenderFarm features two terabytes of memory and 60 terabytes of disk space. Each Intel Xeon processor at 2.8 GHz is about five times faster than the older RISC-based processors in Pixar's outgoing RenderFarm. Pixar is using the system for its film, "The Incredibles," scheduled for a 2004 release.




Intel Corporation recently announced a new cellular processor that uses advanced "wireless-Internet-on-a-chip" technology.

The highly integrated microchip is the first to combine the key components of today's cellular phones and handheld computers onto a single piece of silicon — promising to bring advanced functionality, longer battery life and more innovative phone designs to mainstream phones.

Called the Intel® PXA800F cellular processor, it is a key component of the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA), Intel's development blueprint for designing wireless handheld communication devices that combine voice communications and Internet access capabilities.

In creating unique "wireless-Internet-on-a-chip" technology, Intel engineers overcame significant technical hurdles associated with combining the different design and manufacturing technologies for processing, flash memory and communications functions. The Intel PXA800F cellular processor is built using a single process to place all key components onto one chip using the industry's leading .13-micron silicon manufacturing technology.

"Intel's ability to provide communications, computing and memory functions in a single chip is unmatched in the industry and promises to deliver outstanding performance, greater versatility and a richer experience to cell phone users worldwide," said Hans Geyer, Intel vice president and general manager of its PCA Components Group. "As the industry transitions from voice-only phones to advanced devices that combine voice and data, the ability to effectively and efficiently combine advanced processing, memory and communications technologies will be required to drive the next-generation of cell phones."


His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims was received by President Mwai Kibaki at State House, Nairobi.

The two leaders held wide-ranging discussions covering the implementation of previously articulated and new expansion plans for the agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Kenya specifically and Eastern Africa and the India Ocean region more generally. These include investments of US$ 40 million in the health sector and US$ 30 million in the education sector.


The Honourable Federal Minister of Industries & Production, Liaquat Ali Jatoi, visited the Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) plant in Sujawal.

The Honourable Minister visited the plant and witnessed the entire process of vehicle assembly. DFML plant is well equipped with unmatched technological features including the latest welding equipment, automatic jigs and fixtures in the: body shop, and robots in the paint shop. DFML has the only plant in Pakistan where robots are being employed to paint the vehicles.

The Honourable Minister also observed an exhibit of local parts employed in vehicles in Pakistan. Ever since its appearance on the automobile arena, DFML has proved to be an agent of change in the previously dormant automobile market dominated by Japanese brands. DFML brought about a healthy competition in the market by introducing six new products in every segment of the market. The well-established Japanese assemblers had to react to the changed market scenario by bringing in new models.


Muslim Commercial Bank Limited has made Cash Recoveries of Rs. 2,498.141 mn in NPLs during the year 2002 despite difficult economic conditions. Out of this, Cash Recovery of Rs. 1,414,241 mn has been made in loss category thus contributing significantly towards bank's earning. These include numerous mutual settlements made in a professional spirit.

The recovery of the year 2002 is 14 per cent higher than the preceding year when the bank could recover Rs. 2,187.267 mn upto December 2001.




Mr. Mohammed A. Rajpar, President, PBBF delivering welcome address.

Mr. Abid Husain, Trade Commissioner for the Walloon Region addressing the gathering.

His Excellency Patrick Renault, Belgian Ambassador to Pakistan addressing the audience.