By Syed M. Aslam
Feb 10 - 23, 2003



*** "WHY DOES THE UNITED STATES behave so arrogantly? Their friend Israel has got weapons of mass destruction but because it's their ally they don't ask the United Nations to get rid of them... All Bush wants is Iraqi oil."

(Former South African president Nelson Mandela's saying that US President George W. Bush 'can't think properly' and calling British Prime Minister Tony Blair 'the US foreign minister' in a criticism of London's close alliance with Washington over Iraq)

*** "YILDIRIM SAID that garlic was good for the heart and had a tranquilizing effect."

(Spokesperson for the US embassy in Turkey commenting on the sending of garlic to President Bush by opposition member of parliament Mehmet Yildirim)

*** "BOTH AT HOME and overseas, we need policies that unite, not divide."

(Democratic US Senator Edward Kennedy accusing the Bush administration of dividing America from issues ranging from Iraq to civil rights)

*** "THE PRE-EMPTIVE attack is not something only the United States can do. We can also do that when it is a matter of life or death."

(North Korean foreign ministry spokesman warning the US with pre-emptive strike if Washington sent additional forces to the region)

*** "THE GOVERNMENT has not stopped its public spending despite the rising tone of war language."

(An Iraqi official commenting on huge allocations for public projects amidst talks of war by the US-led war)

*** "THE US REFUSAL TO join the International Criminal Court will not permit its leaders to escape trial before a world court and other international tribunals on war crimes charges."



(Legal expert and President of Conscience International James E. Jennings warning the US and its allies could be prosecuted for attacking Iraq without the UN sanction)

*** "THE US was the first to have nuclear weapons and emerged as the world's largest possessor of weapons of mass destruction... This is the height of shamelessness."

(Spokesman of North Korean foreign ministry calling US President Bush's State of the Union address as an "undisguised declaration of aggression")

*** "IT OCCURS to me, on second thought, that participating in such sessions with the president is to condone Bush's terrorism of demonic proportions around the globe."

(Renowned Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt refusing an invitation to attend the 51st National Prayer meeting with US President George W. Bush in Washington)

*** "I FIND IT ALARMING that all the campaigning for Oscars is getting like a political campaign."

(Two-time Oscar Award winning US actress Meryl Streep scorning the movie industry's most celebrated event saying she found the quest for the awards distasteful)

*** "...YOU THINK they are going to simply satisfy themselves with annihilating 37,000 Americans on the demilitarized zone? No. You think they're going to satisfy themselves with annihilating Seoul? No. They won't be satisfied until Tokyo is reduced to a slab of radioactive waste."

(Former chief UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter warning that a war in Iraq could provoke North Korea causing grave danger to Japan)

*** "WE DON'T want foreign culture to have too much influence on Thai people."



(Governor of Thai capital of Bangkok, Samak Sundaravej instructing the city authorities to avoid promoting Valentine's day restricting it to just one district)

*** "THERE IS A 100 per cent certainty that Blair will be investigated by the ICC for war crimes if he attacks Iraq."

(Spokesman of a group of British lawyers, Phil Shiner, aiming to prosecute Prime Minister Tony Blair for war crimes at the new International Criminal Court if Iraq war goes ahead)

*** "I THINK Mr Powell presented proof on arms and arms programmes which Iraq had, I mean we're talking about programmes from the 1990s."

(An expert at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Jean-Pascal Zanders, calling the information presented by US Secretary of State Colin Powell outdated)