Feb 10 -  23, 2003 



Culminating over 40 years of UPS design experience, Invensys Power Systems has announced that it now has well over 50 patents already awarded under their banner and with another 20 plus awaiting accreditation it won't be long before the 100th patent is awarded



"Our list of patents is already overwhelming and includes the industry's most complex and exciting UPS technological firsts. Some of the most advanced UPS technology is credited to Invensys Power Systems and that is something we are very proud of," said Ove Ohman, director R&D EMEA.

"With more than 20 patents still pending it once again proves that Invensys Power Systems is by far the greatest innovator of UPS technology," he added.

Spanning four decades Invensys Power Systems first set the industry alight when its Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Resonant Power Module and its Voltage Control Circuitry for UPS were both granted patents. Since then the patent office has seen some mind blowing advancements in the world of power systems including the Inverter Power Supply System and the Back-up UPS: AC Line Fault Detection Apparatus an invention that changed the way we were to use UPS forever.

Nowadays Invensys Power Systems' range of UPSs are packaged with the most advanced UPS technological expertise available. Its next generation double conversion online UPS systems, its patented Powerware Hot Sync® paralleling technology has provided some of the world's biggest IT/Telecoms and other harsh environments the most reliable land sturdy back up systems, giving our customers peace of mind 24/7.

Its not just patents we are good at winning either. Awards from some of EMEA's leading publications confirms our recognition as a true innovator in UPS technology. Awards won include, Readers Choice Awards for best UPS — Arabian Computer News; Editor's Choice — Computer Press. Russia; Best in Test — PC World Norway; Best in Test — Computer Magazine, Finland; Technical Innovation — Electrical Products, UK and finally and most recently the Powerware® 5115 was awarded the best 1000 VA product from the editor of the most prestigious IT magazine in Germany — PC Professional. In addition the Best Power Fortress® III won the best in test for 1050 VA products from the same magazine.



"Invensys Power Systems is hugely proud of its achievements and it is a great honour to receive these awards from some of the industry's leading publications throughout EMEA and to feel that our work and technology is recognised by so many experts in our field," said Ohman.

And just last year Harry Pettersson, technology manager at Invensys Power Systems EMEA manufacturing and R&D plant in Finland was appointed chairman of the UPS sub committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). A huge compliment for both Invensys Power Systems, the range of UPS products and Pettersson himself; "It is an honour to be asked to chair the UPS sub committee of the IEC not only personally but to represent a company who shows both dedication and bring technological excellence to the UPS industry," said Pettersson.


Invensys Powerware is a leading global provider of engineered power solutions. Offering the broadest range of product and services available today, Invensys Powerware integrates a full line of AC and DC power systems, power management software, remote monitoring, turnkey integration services and site support, providing a seamless solution. Powerware systems and services deliver the high nines of availability demanded by today's digital economy. Powerware products and services are utilized in local and wide area networking, data and voice over IP, co-location facilities, fixed-line and wireless communication networks, and industrial manufacturing. Invensys Powerware is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, and is part of Invensys plc.


Invensys plc is a global leader in production technology and energy management. The group helps customers improve their performance and profitability using innovative services and technologies and a deep understanding of their industries and applications.

Invensys Energy Management works with clients involved in the supply, measurement and consumption of energy and water, to reduce costs and waste and improve the efficiency, reliability and security of power supply. The division includes Energy Management Solutions, Appliance Controls, Climate Controls, Global Services, Metering Systems, Powerware and Home Control Systems. These businesses focus on markets connected with power and energy infrastructure for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. The company also serves the specialized rail, wind-power and electronic manufacturing (power components) markets through Invensys Rail Systems, Hansen Transmissions and Lambda, respectively, in its development division. Invensys operates in more than 80 countries, with its headquarters in London.




Major General Syed Sabahat Hussain last week observed that if Pakistan State Oil is so successful, why could other public sector companies not follow its example.

The Chief Instructor of the National Defence College (NDC), who led a team of 95 senior officers of three wings of armed forces to the PSO House, was speaking following a presentation on the blue-chip company made by its Managing Director, Mr Tariq Kirmani.

Gen Sabahat said that PSO was selected for two reasons for the visit of the prestigious War Course participants. First, oil is important and the country is dependent on oil imports. He said the second reason why PSO was selected was that it was one of the few companies that were a success story.

"We wanted to find out the reasons for the success," he said. "Now we stand enlightened and educated following Mr Kirmani's presentation."

The General said that he was now reassured, as an army man and a Pakistani, in PSO's capabilities and the potential that this country had.

Earlier, the Managing Director explained in detail the reforms and initiatives taken by the Ministry of Petroleum and said it was one ministry that had stood out in its performance.

He said that PSO's vision was to be the market leader and be the lowest-cost supplier with assured access to long-term supplies. He explained the strategic management initiatives taken by the company and added that PSO was the first OMC in Pakistan to enter e-business by introducing plastic technology through Loyalty Card, Fleet Card and Corporate Cards.

He pointed out that commitment to professional excellence was such that despite the unfortunate incident near the PSO House, which shattered some part of the facade, no damage could be seen by the visitors as repair had been made overnight.

At the end of the presentation, Gen Sabahat and Mr Kirmani exchanged mementos.