Jan 20 - 26, 2003   
ISSUE # 03  

Despite challenges the software-lead IT industry of Pakistan is expected to get a boost from the increased automation in the financial sector this year. PAGE highlights the benefits for developing the e-culture to help ICT and services sectors to increase their share in the GDP for the overall betterment of the national economy. The developments are expected to fuel e-commerce and e-banking into the mainstream. The story also makes a case for the first IT Park in Karachi which still remains vacant for absence of bandwidth facility.





The SECP has stopped a number of companies from undertaking insurance business as they failed to meet minimum paid-up capital requirement. However, sector experts believe that the regulators are ignoring other but more important factors, i.e. risk exposure and corporate governance.


Over Programing in textile quotas by some exporters has resulted in an embargo imposed by the EU on certain categories. The EU Comissioner has refused to be flexible to adjust the surplus exports in next year's quota. Shipments waiting for clearance at various EU ports are in a fix. In order to avoid recurrence of such a situation, EPB as well as the exporters should cautious in future.