By Syed M. Aslam
Jan 13 - 19, 2003



*** "AS WE MONITOR the hiss of snakes and bark of dogs accompanied by continued aggression in the north and south of the country, we act with the confidence of the assured whose actions are not hurried or confused."

(Iraqi President Saddam Hussain dismissing US threats to disarm Iraq as 'clamour, commotion and hysteria'. He was addressing the people to mark the Army Day)

*** "100,000"

(Number of people worldwide who have registered themselves as volunteers to be used as 'human shields' against a possible US-led invasion of Iraq)

*** "I READ all of Franz Kafka when I was 19 and 20, but I only understand him now. He accurately intuited that all power is essentially implacable and malign."

(Editor-in-chief of feted Indian investigative news website tahelka.com, Tarun Tejpal, blaming the high pressure tactics for the closure of the website for exposing corruption at the highest levels of the government)

*** "I AM CONCERNED that such a position does not provide the basis for a sound, long term policy for India to deal with its neighbours."

(Senior US envoy Richard Haass strongly disapproving India's hostile stance against Pakistan during his New Delhi visit)

*** "THE SYSTEM of selection of carving out the responsibility of fighting for America is inequitable... I say, give the rich a chance [in the war]."



(New York Democratic Representative Charles Angel, who staunch opposes against invasion of Iraq, announcing to introduce legislation for an all-inclusive military draft to ensure all Americans including the rich so that they can also feel the 'pain and sacrifice')

*** "A LITTLE GESTURE against US imperialism and foreign policy."

(Tunisian-born French Muslim entrepreneur Tawfik Mathlouthi explaining the reason for launching soft drink 'Mecca-Cola' which has set sales record selling over 2 million 1.5-litre bottles in just months)

*** "TO DATE, no evidence of ongoing prohibited nuclear or nuclear-related activities has been detected ..."

(Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency informing the UN Security Council that the Weapons Inspection teams had not found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq)

*** "THERE ARE A LOT of Americans who also feel that a lot of this (war talk) is economic. Part of this has to do with the oil."

(Top American film director Martin Scorsese opposing possible US-led war on Iraq)

*** "IT DOES NOT appear to be a strategy which can succeed in the long term."

(Former British air chief Sir Timothy Garden accusing Nato alliance of floundering nuclear policy by showing willingness to use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear assault and relying on 'magic' umbrella of missile defence system)

*** "WE HAVE no such policy. There is no question of allowing any hot pursuit into the country."

(Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat rejecting US claims that it was permitted to enter Pakistan's territory in pursuit of terrorists)

*** "20-40 million"

(Number of female foetus aborted in India during 2001)

*** "I'VE ALWAYS found that underserved success gives one much more pleasure than something for which one feels entitled us take some credit."

(Britain's prime minister in 1959, Harold Macmillan, summing up the success of his meeting with French President Charles De Gaulle and US president Dwight Einsenhower in confidential letter to the British Queen in 1959. The letter was released for the first time by the Public Record Office recently)

*** "SANCTIONS MEAN A WAR and the war knows no mercy. The US should opt for dialogue with the DPRK, not for war, clearly aware that it will have to pay a very high price for such reckless acts."



(North Korean KCNA news agency asking the US to sit down and talk instead of trying to impose economic sanctions over the country's nuclear programme)