By Syed M. Aslam
Jan 06 - 12, 2003



*** "HITLER was the way he was not just because of genes. If you tried to clone Hitler, you might instead get the personality of Thomas Jefferson."

(Bonnie Steinbock, a philosophy professor at the State University of New York at Albany, dismissing popular myths about cloning saying that images of an exact human replica are preposterous)

*** " NOBODY SAW the whole picture in '91... You are only getting what the government wants you to get... There's no such thing as a fairly fought war. Anyone who thinks so is na´ve to the point of being dangerous."

(Former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw expressing doubts that American viewers will ever get the full and true picture of a US war with Iraq due to heavy censors)

*** "BECAUSE I DON'T like to leave my country. If there is any important question to be addressed to me, let them address it to me here in Iraq."

(Iraqi weapons specialist, Gen. Hussain Mohammed Amin, refusing to go abroad for questioning as US administration pressurizes UN inspectors to take key scientists and their families out of the country)

*** "IF WASTE is properly dealt with, I think then there is nothing called waste, but a resource."

(Maqsood Sinha, a Dacca architect and town planner, who along with his partner Iftekhar Enayetullah has successfully launched a project to turn garbage into fertilizer)

*** "CHARLES should put his money where his mouth is when it comes to the British car industry."



(British parliamentarian Tom Watson accusing Crown Prince Charles of hypocrisy for making a passionate buy-British plea while preferring to buy German car himself)

*** "WE DO NOT want to accept a restriction on our freedom to report."

(Editor of a regional German newspaper, Frank Mangelsdorf, challenging a court injunction preventing publishing marital troubles of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder with his fourth wide)

*** "I KNOW AMERICA is the largest subsidy-provider to its farm sector... and India stands among top-10 nations... But we cannot do this... We have to follow the dictates of the donors..."

(Federal Agriculture Minister Yar Muhammad Rind calling WTO agreements a threat to Pakistan's fragile economy saying tat despite the will his government cannot offer subsidies to the farmers)

*** "WE DON'T KNOW whether he has a nuclear weapon."

(US President George W. Bush responding to questions asked by reporters if Iraq has weapons of mass destruction)

*** "WE PROMISE that if anyone violates our freedom with pre-emptive action or forward defence, they will get what the Mat Salleh (Westerner) calls a bloody nose."

(Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed indirectly warning Australia not entertain any hostile designs against his country)

*** "WE DON'T LIKE Saddam. But we hate the Americans."

(Kuwaiti civil engineer Ramiz Abu Qweidar opposing US invasion of Iraq representing the growing resentment against the US in the country)

*** "THERE IS A UNITED NATIONS force in Lebanon, another on the Golan Heights and a third in the Sinai desert. Why shouldn't they also be in the West Bank and Gaza Strip?"

(Palestinian President Yasser Arafat asking the UN peacekeepers in Israeli-occupied territories of West Bank and Gaza Strip)

*** "ABUSES ARE NOT NEW to me... Once I was considered for the Nobel Prize. A poet from Kerala dashed off a letter to the Nobel authorities with 150 signatures... They held that considering me for the honour was like kicking the Nobel."

(Noted Indian writer Kamala Suraiya, who embraced Islam two years ago, fending off criticism for receiving highest literary award from the state of Kerala)

*** "THIS YEAR we will face what may be the single most important decision that faces this political generation- the question of whether to join the euro."



(British Prime Minister Tony Blair calling the decision to join Euro as the single most important in his New Year's message)