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For The Record

By Syed M.Aslam
Feb-11 - 17, 2002

*** "IF ONE LOOKED at the official definition of terrorism, it would be identified to the official definition of US foreign policy."

(US intellectual and social activist Noam Chomsky questioning his government's moral right to wage war against terrorism when Washington itself is guilty of promoting and implementing terrorism internationally on many occasions in the past)

*** "MUSLIM POLICE in Newark allowed to wear beards."

(US Justice Department announcing winning the lawsuit against the Newark city filed in May 2000 for threatening 10 Muslim officers with termination, transfer and denying them the opportunities to work special overtime events due to refusal to shave off their beards)

*** "THE (US PRESIEDNT) speaks like a man thirsty for human blood ... Iran is proud to be at the receiving end of the anger of the most-hated Satanic power of the world."

(Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei angrily rebutting US President George W. Bush's State of the Union address calling Iran, Iraq and North Korea as 'an axis of evil')

*** "THEY TALK of liberalization when it is we that have to liberalize and they that are protected."

(One of the speakers accusing the US of not playing by the rules when it comes to international commerce during a protest opposing the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, the extension of NAFTA, in Porto Alegre, Brazil coinciding with World Social Forum)

*** "TRUST THE CHAMPION whiners of the world to only moan about what effects them and not utter a word about what benefits them."

(Former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar slamming the English cricket team for complaining about poor umpiring during its six one-day series ending in a 3-3 draw)

*** "... entirely responsible to the unilateral and self-opinionated foreign policy, political immaturity and moral leprosy of the Bush Administration."

(North Korean foreign ministry spokesman condemning US President George W. Bush's remark calling North Korea, Iran and Iraq an 'axis of evil'. He said that Bush made the remark to divert attention from the blaming September 11 attacks and collapse of the oil giant Enron)

*** "DOES SHE WANT the Americans to run her administration?."

(Philippine Catholic priest Robert Reyes criticizing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for getting 'too Americanised' to hire former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani as consultant)

*** "THE CHINESE side does not advocate using this kind of language in international relations."

(Chinese foreign ministry spokesman criticizing US President George W. Bush's comment calling North Korea, Iran and Iraq an 'axis of evil')

*** "WE ARE THREATENED today by a new simplism which consists in reducing everything to a war on terrorism. We cannot accept that idea. You have got to tackle the root causes, the situations, poverty, injustice."

(French Foreign Minister Hubert Verdine strongly criticizing the US support for Israel saying that Europeans were 'unanimous in not supporting the Middle East policy of the White House')


(Former US President Bill Clinton's taped call to former Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic now facing trial for killings thousands of unarmed Muslims. The transcripts of the call was made by Clinton from presidential jet Air Force One in January 1996 was leaked to the media and was published by a Croatian weekly)

*** "IT IS IMPERATIVE for Arab states to have a deterrent power to face the existing gap in the military balance with Israel ... Arab states possess a sufficient missile power, both conventional and unconventional ... which constitute a confirmed deterrent that will force Israel not to carry out what it means."

(Prominent Arab military analyst Dr Zakaria Hussein stressing the need for joint Arab action to face the growing Israeli militarism)

*** "THE COMMANDERS have become fairly adept at selling themselves, and they always need money for guns."

(A senior Western diplomat based in Pakistan commenting on report published in Washington Times saying that the US paid dozens of Afghan war lords $ 200,000 each plus mobiles to secure their cooperation in its war against the Taliban)